Reem Island Guide

Looking for a land flowing with milk and honey that is not a city? Reem Island is the perfect place for you!

Reem Island is within the clutches of Abu Dhabi because Reem Island is only a few meters away from the city. Furthermore, Reem Island is only a 20-minute trip from Dubai International Airport- thanks to the modern bridges linking Reem Island to the city. In addition, Reem Island is connected to the city through the main Abu Dhabi road.

Surrounded by the clear azure magnificence of the Arabian Sea, Reem Island is an invigorating, world-class and postcard-perfect spot which is excellent for a vibrant lifestyle that is free of city hustle and bustle. Reem Island’s perfection makes it one of the ideal sites to roll out work, leisure and home into one, spread with so much time to enjoy.

What can you do in Reem Island? The answer is plenty. Reem Island is a paradise on earth where you can unwind or work in the most excellent, invigorating and peaceful environment. Covering 6.5 million square meters, Reem Island will house 200 thousand residents or workers on the island. Reem Island will soon rise as the leading residential, business and commercial hub in the city.

Reem Island as a residential district
If you plan to reside in Reem Island, you will be retiring in villas, crash pads and apartments to pamper yourself. You will be offered picturesque sights, elegant domestic designs and top-ranked niceties that you can find in Reem Island. Several of the comely villas have architectures that will remind you of Spanish and Moroccan houses. While the other villas in Reem Island have perfect design blends and has modern figure and form that come in different sizes and affordable prices.

The residential units in Reem Island come with distinctive features tailored just for important people like you. While in Reem Island, you can expect for an effective relations with the management which offers very good servicing; you can parade in classy entrance ways and hallways; leap from one floor to another in lightning speed because of the efficient elevators; feel assured because your security is guaranteed with a 24-hour surveillance; relax in gyms, baths, pools; and access satellite television and accelerated Internet connection.

Reem Island as a commercial district
Reem Island boasts of exquisite shopping malls, art halls, music centers, theatres, and dining houses. Because of these, Reem Island serves as a melting pot of a trendy but tranquil lifestyle.
As a commercial district, Reem Island has the following comforts to offer: malls; water athletics such as fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling; posh hotels and beach resorts; health clubs and spas; railway system that will tour you around Reem Island; golf course; lively night life; art showrooms and music museums; and premium gardens for your enjoyment.

Reem Island as a central business district
As a central business district, Reem Island will play a conducive site for global business. Reem Island will soon give birth to high buildings and mercantile structures that bear top-ranked facilities and communication system. These complexes, which will vary depending on the transaction needs and size, will house the business centers of the independent businessmen to international industrialists. Indeed, Reem Island is squarely accurate for those who want to venture into business and expand that business in Abu Dhabi.

So as you see, Reem Island is just what you need when you need a home, workplace and social center. Come and visit this paradise on Earth called Reem Island!

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