Reflections at Bukit Chandu

The Reflections at Bukit Chandu is a Museum that represents the wartime memories of Singapore, reflected to the time of Japanese Occupation during the World War II. The memorial mainly wants to remember all the heroic resistance of the second Malayan Battalion who was fighting against the Japanese troops in 1942.

Singapore does all its best to learn of all the terrible happening and the heroic resistance of the Singaporean forces most of who lost their lives when they were defending their country. Even since being independent, this special country took special efforts in making the protection of peace its top priority. The Battle of Bukit Chandu serves as the icon of Singaporean determination and braveness when the second Malayan Battalion sacrificed their lives in order to protect their land. This is one of the most important wartime memorials and museums serving as an everlasting example for Singaporeans.
The Reflections of Bukit Chandu exhibitions are housed in a main building, which comprises two interpretative centres; let us see what we find at each level:

On the first interpretative level in the Reflections of Bukit Chandu, we can get closer to knowing on the overall defence system of Malaya and the troops that were guarding its security. We will meet the Paskar Melayu or Malay Regiment and we will get lots of information on its functioning and all its heroic battles. We will see the regiments’ uniforms, the regiments crest and we learn a lot on the overall history of Singapore too. We can get to see the Pasir Panjang battle diary on the famous Pasir Panjang battle where the allied troops could keep the Japanese troops, who well outnumbered the Malayan troops in number, outside the city for almost a weeklong. In the Battle of Singapore, you can get to see the invasion of Singapore, then Malaya thanks to an audiovisual animation presentation, which will tell you and show you how the Japanese invaded then occupied the city of Singapore in 1942. One of the most interesting parts of the exhibition of the Reflections of Bukit Chandu museum is the bicycle exhibit. The bicycle exhibit shows us the specific military bicycles of the Japanese that has enabled them to occupy the city the fastest and most effective way. The bicycle troops were a lot more effective in the city than any other vehicles and with their help, the Japanese could easily and quickly move around. In the next section, you can see the miniature battlefield where the Pasir Panjang Battle was carried out and you can see all the movements and strategies of the troops thanks to the interactive presentation.

On the Level 2 of the interpretative centre in the Reflections of Bukit Chandu, you will first find the Bukit Chandu Theatre where you will experience the Pasir Panjang Battle through binaural sounding thanks to which you will feel in the battlefield. Through this presentation, you will feel how the heroic Malay Battallion fought until their last breath to protect their land. This is a highly moving presentation! The second part consists of a cartoon also representing the battle. The Windows of Memories and the Well of Reflections commemorate those who lost their lives either during the battle or by the Japanese massacring their families. In the Bukit Chandu, learning room of the Reflections of Bukit Chandu there is a great choice for everyone to see how soldiers prepared for real life actions do and you can inspect the weaponry they used.

The Reflections of Bukit Chandu is a great museum for all those who want to know one of the most significant periods of Singapore, which gave the future generations all the strength to build a strong and brave nation on their own. The entrance tickets cost SGD 2 for adults, and there are several discounts for the elderly, children and for the groups.

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