Seiko Watches in Singapore

Seiko as every good Japanese brands have a sound popularity in the Singapore watch market. In addition, Seiko is one of the strongest watch brands in the world and therefore its popularity is high globally as well. In this article, we would like to represent you to the Seiko brand and its history in a nutshell, with the enlisting of the places where you can buy Seiko watches in Singapore.

Singapore represents a real quality brand. Also, Seiko is among the oldest watch making companies in Japan and it’s called a perfectionist, when it comes to watches, in every single aspect of watch making. Seiko was founded in 1881 and it opened its first watches and jewellery retail store in the downtown of Tokyo under the name of K Hattori. It has started with the watch making about ten years later and has changed its name to Seiko-Sha. Japan can thank the first Japan-made wristwatch to Seiko that has decided to cut off the “Sha” meaning company in Japanese, in 1924. Seiko Watches was always a fan of introducing novelties and new solutions in horology. Therefore, the technology of its watch making is always a step ahead. The precision and durability of Seiko’s watches is well known by every watch aficionados.

Seiko was the first watch company in the world that has come out with the digital quartz watches, with its pioneering timepiece the name of which is Astron. Then, it was Seiko which has first introduced the first LCD quartz watches with 6 digit display and also it was Seiko Watches by whom, the first ever multifunctional quartz watch was introduced. Among their other inventions, we can also highlight their Divers’ Watch that was the first time, Titanium case was introduced in watch making. We could still go on with the mentioning of the first ever watches which featured miniature television, the first watches which include sound recorder and the first watches which have computer functions. Seiko brought all these innovations in horology.

As you see, Seiko is a real leading revolutionary in watch making. Therefore, we should not be surprised after all that it was Seiko Watches that was the first to come out with a Kinetic timepiece, which means an intelligent analogue quartz watch. Seiko’s kinetic collections include the Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph, the Kinetic Auto Relay or the Kinetic Perpetual just to mention a few examples. The Scubamaster by Seiko Watches is the first computerised driving watch in the world. The Seiko Termic is the first thermo-electric watch in the world, which in the same time is the first Spring Drive Watch in the world in the same time. Today, Seiko represents 11 main collections featuring many professional models for men and for women. These timepieces are highly regarded as belonging to the very best watches of the world.

In this fast and modern era, time is an important thing. Time is as important as money these days. Even there is a proverb said “time is money”. It means, if people cannot organize their time efficiently, they will lose many good opportunities and it may cause the lost of money. People have to arrange their time correctly and efficiently. With the fast mobility that people do nowadays, they need a device or equipment to help them arrange their time and help them to be aware of time that they have on a day. Watch is one of the equipment that can help us knowing the time everywhere. To appreciate the time that they have, people usually wear watch. There are so many companies produce watch for the customers. They offer their customers with many varieties of watches that suitable for you. However, many watch companies don’t pay attention to the quality and the preciseness of their products, whereas, those two things are the most essential things to be considered in producing watches. Seiko is one of the oldest and the most famous watch brand in the world. There is no watch shop that doesn’t sell it. The quality of their watch has been known since a long time ago. That’s why they can hold out their popularity for more than 100 years now.

The story of Seiko began in 1881, when K. Hattori established the company in Japan with the brand Seikosha. In 1895, the company created their first pocket watch, the predecessor of wrist watch. In 1913, the company produced Laurel, the first wristwatch made in Japan. The signature place of Seiko, the Grand Seiko was launched in 1960. In 1964, the company introduced the world’s first portable quartz chronometer QC-951. The company has also achieved many awards for their quality and service such as “best mechanical wrist chronometer” from the Geneva competition in 1968 and has been an official timer for the 18th Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, the 11th Olympic Winter Games held in Sapporo, Japan in 1972, the 2nd IIAF World Championships held in Rome in 1987, and many other international Olympic games. In 1969, the company introduced the world’s first quartz watch called “SEIKO Quartz Astron” cal. 3500. Besides the world first portable quartz chronometer and quartz watch, the company also introduced the world’s first six-digit LCD quartz watch, multi-function digital watch, titanium diver’s watch, TV watch, watch with sound recorder, watch with computer functions, computerized diver’s watch, and so on. With so many achievements and experiences that Seiko has for more than 100 years, we don’t have to worry about their quality. They will give their customers the best they can and they have been proving it from a long time ago until now.

Seiko believes that a wristwatch is an essential and intimate accessory. So, they have to be harmonist, appropriate, and interact with the wearer. Also, the watches have to functions that can assure an emotionally satisfying bond. Due to that reason, Seiko provides their customers with so many watches with the best quality that will suit you the best. They have various collections of watch such as Ananta collection, Grand Seiko collection, Spring Drive, Arctura, Criteria Man, Criteria Woman, Power Design, Premier, Sportura, Velatura, and also Japan Domestic Series, Conceptual series that consists of Classic Modern, Classic Sports, Motor Sports, and Neo Sports. The company technological development is focused on the conception of emotional technologies. This technology creates the interaction between the wearer and the product. With this emotional technology, you can feel the satisfaction in wearing the Seiko watches because it suits you and your emotional feeling.

Seiko is now a big, famous, and trusted watch company around the world. To support their quality and spread their trade, the company has many official stores and boutiques in almost every big city in all countries. One of their biggest markets is Singapore, a fast and modern country that can be a strategic market for the company. Singapore is one of the “Shopping Paradise” that is very famous among the shopping lovers from all over the world. You can find many famous and high quality brands in this country. You can also find Seiko boutique in the country in Bideford Road and VivoCity Singapore.

Seiko watches are therefore highly popular in Singapore and Seiko’s Singapore retailer, the Tong Sia Company has its own Seiko Singapore website representing locals with the Seiko watches models, also including the domestic models that are only released in Japan but thanks to Takashiyama Shopping mall can also be purchased in Singapore. The huge Seiko boutique of Singapore is located on the Bedford Road very near to Orchard Road. Seiko watches are also sold by City Chain Watch retail stores that you can find in nearly every shopping mall of Singapore.

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