Sentosa Island

There are very few who have been to Singapore but not heard about its Sentosa Island. This island is Singapore’s closest and most built-out island, which is very famous for many reasons. If you are not afraid of height, you just have to try the cable car with the help of which you can be at Sentosa from the very centre of Singapore in just ten minutes and it will give you a great choice to make great photographs too.

Sentosa Island is really the specialty of Singapore an island built to be dedicated for wholly the fun and free time activities. Here, there is no real leisure activity that you would not be able to do. The island is great for the families with children, gives way to museums and exhibitions and gives you lots of chance to make friends with the animals with its great theme parks the Underwater World and Dolphinarium and with the great Butterfly & Insect Kingdom housing about 14.000 of these creatures, some of which is really rare to see out in the wild.

America’s favourite theme park the Universal Studios has just finished its great huge theme park and opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2011 first. The Universal Studios is the one which is the best ever specialties of Sentosa island right now and its also the one attraction which receives the highest number of visitors who are also coming from other countries and many of them are in fact tourists. The large Merlion statue of the island serves as a memento and the protection in the same time. The Sentosa Island is also a great hotel resort. Operated by the Malaysian World Resorts, the World Resort Sentosa has opened its doors not long ago. It includes about 10 different first class hotels, together with the possibility for gamblers to visit the one and only casino of Singapore, where all sort of gambling counts a very severe violation of rules. With the exception of this one place where the Singaporean government has let the Resort World to open its casino of course with lots of limitations in return. Sentosa has other fun parks too and 3 great beaches out of which it’s mostly the Palawan beach and the Siloso beach are important. The Siloso beach also gives home to the richest collection of WWII relics. The great Fort Siloso is the one and only contemporary fort that has been left over in one piece.

Sentosa has several walking and biking trails that give you great program possibilities. Here guided tours are a must in order someone gets hurt or lost. The beautiful Sentosa Island gives home to such attractions too as the Song of the Sea a beautiful theatre having a unique repertoire based on water and usage of water for all the effects. During the animal shows, you can get to see very smart parrots and other birdies making tricks. The dolphinarium of the island is a real unique thing, which is definitely a must-see for the children.

Sentosa is connected with the main island of Singapore in many ways therefore the traffic is not big as it is controlled all the time. If you arrive to the island by car then be prepared to have to park somewhere and continue on food or with the public transportation of the island.

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