Sentosa Maritime Experiential Museum

The Sentosa Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium is opened on the 15th October 2011. The great museum is a real innovative display of how the international and Asian maritime life meets each other through all the routes that connect these faraway lands. This museum surely offers the best way of mixing learning with entertainment with some real specialties.

The Sentosa Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium will be a lot more than a normal museum, as it will contain real displays, shows and such exhibitions the elements of which can be really used for the activities they were used to be used long ago. The Sentosa Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium tries to help you in learning and rediscovering the world’s biggest ever network of interconnecting maritime and land routes that have connected Asia, the Middle East and Africa with Europe, generally known as the great “Silk Route”. The Silk Route has been operating from the 9th century and born due to import luxury and unique goods just like silk into Europe. The Sentosa Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium will give a great help for the visitors to know more about each segments of this great route by getting to know the main maritime export ships of each merchant nations. We must highlight the Jewel of Muscat the replica of the famous Omani dhow, which is the gift of the Omani government for Singapore and especially for this museum. You can learn about the ancient maritime navigating methods and learn about some historical tips, happenings such as the Belitung shipwreck that was a catastrophe happened with an Arabic dhow packed full with treasures by the rocks of Belitung Island, and you will get to know several other interesting stories too.

The ship exhibition contains real-life sized ships from each region of Asia. You can learn about the most distinctive signs of each dhow, junk, jong, Borobudur and see the beautiful Jewel of Muscat. When going to the exhibitions part, you will really feel to attend a journey back in history. Let us see some of the most notable boat shows of the Sentosa Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium:

Bao Chuan Show: This show represents the boat replica of Admiral Zheng He’s treasure ship, which in real consisted of several ships together in a convoy. In the replica, you can get to see some of the main goods that the boats carried. In addition, you can get some interesting historical facts on these boats and the Chinese merchants and on the counter-connecting Zheng He Exhibit Show, you can get to know a lot more details of this clever general who was the first to use such smart way of transportation.

The Souk: Here you can see and Arabic style souk with Chinese elements which looks really great, taking you to the Arabic world.

Guangzhou Wharf: Guangzhou was the birthplace of the Silk route so its importance in trading is undisputed. During this show, you will get to learn a lot on the city and the merchants’ life in Southwest China.

The Typhoon Theatre is really the best entertainment for children who can this way enjoy being on the sea to the fullest. This 3D experimental show really shows what it feels like to be on the sea in a typhoon. This is a real shipwreck adventure!

The Maritime Archaeology Gallery has a great exhibition for everyone containing some of the greatest ocean and sea findings and providing you with information on how divers can find or locate all the ruins and artefacts being deep inside the sea.

These are only some of the best programs of this alone standing attraction, the Sentosa Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium. Do not miss the chance to visit this brand new and unique museum of Singapore, on the beautiful Sentosa Island.

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