Shopping Tour in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is becoming well known to the tourists. This is a place where people can spend their vacation and just relax. One form of relaxation is shopping. Abu Dhabi offers a variety of shopping malls and stores where you can choose and buy anything at your heart’s content. Compulsive shoppers will surely love the wide varieties of merchandise the country offers. If you’re shopping for beautiful lingerie, designer clothes, jewelry, souvenirs and other goods, this is the place for you.

There are two kinds of stores in Abu Dhabi – the souk or the traditional markets and the modern shopping malls and stores.

Souks are typically comprised of sizeable number of shops. These were arranged closely to each other. Souks are selling a wide range of goods, necessities and luxuries. Shopping at souk may give you a glimpse of Abu Dhabi’s remarkable history merged with some modern day sophistication. People can buy just about anything form souk, from spices to jewelry. Shopping at this place will not be so difficult because each store offers specific good or merchandise. The goods are arranged by lanes and each lane has categories for easy access of shoppers. Bargaining is what you have to remember if you’re shopping at souk.

Some of the souks in Abu Dhabi
Iranian Souk in Al Meena is of an open air and vibrant colors. Through shopping there, you will find goods such as colorful carpets, bedspreads, and pottery. Shopping at the Meena Souk, also known as the Afghan Souk will also provide the shopper a wide array of oriental rugs and carpets.

If you’re shopping for jewelry, the best place for famed Gold is Central Market or Grand Souk, on Sheikh Hamdan Street.

Abu Dhabi’s souks proffer numerous kinds of goods like traditional silver, brass coffee pots, carpets exported from different countries, incense; and ‘oudh’, the local perfume essence.

Shopping Centers in Abu Dhabi
Other alternatives aside from the mentioned stores are the shopping malls and shopping centers. Shopping malls include popular English, American, and Canadian chain stores, as well as designer places. Here are some of the shopping centers in Abu Dhabi:

Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre is the building considered as one of the major landmarks. The large space of this shopping center enables major international and local outlets to sell different products to the shoppers like perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, et cetera. Shopping can be quite tiring if you are strolling in huge places. The centre has cafes where shoppers can relax while sipping some coffee. Many food courts that offer a variety of food can be found at the mall. Children can play and have fun in the largest entertainment complex in the building while you pursue your shopping.

Al Muhairy Centre is not only a shopping mall but also residential flats, and offices with two floors of car parking areas. A full height central Atrium at the shopping centre is an added attraction for the shoppers because it provides a view of all the retail units in different levels and creates a spacious atmosphere.

Abu Dhabi Mall is a three story shopping mall located in Tourist Club Area, adjacent to the Beach Rotana Hotel. Marina Mall features not only shopping stores but also musical fountains that added appeal to the shoppers. It is located in the Water Breaker area near the magnificent Emirates Palace. These two malls provide whatever the shopper needs.

Al Falah Plaza is considered as one of the cheapest shopping centers in town. Shopping here will save a lot of money despite the stores’ lack of designer labels. You can also find cafes, supermarkets, music shops and all the usual outlets.

Al Hana Shopping Centre is a designer-wear shop. The center is highly preferred by selective customers because of its remarkably large music stores.

Marina Mall is the second biggest shopping centre in Abu Dhabi, located in the Corniche area. From cinema and restaurants to stores, any visitor will find their favorite spot.

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