Singapore Army Museum

The Singapore Army Museum represents a very important part of the life of Singapore, especially related to the happenings of the Second World War during the Japanese occupation. There is a lot more to the Singapore Army Museum to see and to experience.

The very first unique thing about the museum is that it consists of several elements, which are directly made of the steel what used to be armour. The museum represents the heritage of armoury of Singapore and let us you understand the Singapore fighting spirit through stories of simple people who took great steps in defending their land and people. Therefore, the Singapore Army Museum also serves as a tribute to everyone who fought for the land. You can get to know the history and also today’s developments and new lines of weaponry used within the Singaporean Army. The brand new modern Museum building has just started functioning, accommodating the whole collection in six different galleries and lot s of interactive possibilities.

The Singapore Army Museum has a beautiful location and quite an extravagant building in which its house. The Museum’s architectural style belongs to the specific organic architecture that perfected in Asia where the tradition of the nature and people’s harmony is a very important value. This way the “organic” designs look like as if they were part of the nature too, together with the surrounding elements, the water, the plants the rocks, the hills and the mountains. And as we could get used to it, the building of the Singapore Army Museum will also share the common feature of Far Eastern arts, namely that all of its details and its forms serve as representations of feelings, of wills and of values.

Lying by the shore of its own lake, the modern building has been built in order to be an integrated part of the landscape, by which it aims to represent the Singapore Army, which is part of Singapore. The roof is the most distinctive feature of the building of the Singapore Army Museum as it looks to raise straight from the ground making an arch growing above the lake it looks simply beautiful. The whole concept of the designs of the building also aims to represent the continuous change and development of the Singapore Army. The roof is supported by three structures of the shape of the rock, which also help to symbolise the rock-like values of Singaporeans and make the country grow and be secure.

The Object Theatre features alone standing audiovisual installations, where you can also be part of the war scene that you are looking at. This is a great and really is a must-see experience. You can learn a lot about the training strategies and you can see how the army campsites used to look like. There are contemporary bunks too and a huge garden representing hardware armour such as tanks, cannons, old style standing machine guns.

Entrance costs SGD 5 as a normal adult price; however, there are several discounts for children and retired persons. The entrance fee for children under six is free. The Museum is located on the Upper Jurong Road. The guided tours are really suggested here so that you learn much more on the history of Singapore, this so special land.

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