Sisters’ Islands

Sisters’ Islands are two beautiful islands located not far from the shores of Singapore. Besides their legend the islands are famous excursion sites for tourists and visitors arriving here for Singapore’s main island and also from the Sentosa Island.

Sisters’ Islands today serve as a perfect destination for having a great swimming and bathing afternoon with a lovely picnic on the beach. The Sisters’ Islands are famous for their great underwater world hiding so many colourful fishes and coralls that are really worth seeing. The two islands are only a few hundred metres far from each other making a very special sight as they in form really do mirror each other. Sisters’ Islands can thank their name to a legend according to which two sisters who loved each other once were forced apart by a brutal pirate captain wanting to marry one sister with force. When the boat carrying one sister got caught on the sea in a sudden storm the other sister who was swimming after the other sister has drowned to the sea and when the other sister on the deck has seen she also jumped into the water to save or die with her sister. Some days after this incident boats have seen two small islands right next to each other looking alike. So, this is why these twin islands are called Sisters’ Islands. The Sisters’ Islands today are a famous place for all those who would like to enjoy the nature over there. There are only minimal build establishments on the islands in order not to disturb the animals that live there which also include the long tailed macaques. Under the water you can see a wide variety of beautiful colorful fishes although you must beware from swimming in the channel which divides the two islands as they are notorious for taking swimmers and divers under the water.

The current best programs to the Sisters’ Islands are organized by the Sentosa Island’s authority, which has some great island programs for everyone. The Island programs going to the Sisters’ Islands also include the visiting of the other twin islands nearby which are called Pulau Hantu and also has a really beautiful mythological tale according to their creation which is about jinns and two warriors who have massacred several people where the islands are lying today. The Pulau Hantu islands are also famous for their untouched nature and the great swimming and diving possibilities. There is chance for overnight camping on both twin islands but only if someone lets the local authorities know about this in order to avoid any problems which sometimes occur due to the mainly Indonesian, Malaysian and Filipino pirate activities in the region.

The Sisters’ Islands with the Pulau Hantu boat program by Sentosa cost SGD 15 for adult and SGD 13 for children. It’s a program really suggested for a great day or half-day trip. Singapore’s rich island world is one of the wonders of Southeast Asia and gives you great opportunity to make hundreds of photos together with an unforgettable experience.

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