Stylish Watches Made of Titanium

Titanium watches are gaining more and more fame over the last few years when they have started to implement Titanium in professional watch making. The Titanium watches have several advantages over stainless steel watches So, hereby we will get to see some of the watchmakers which deal with titanium watches in Singapore, including some of the most popular models. We will also give you some useful addresses in Singapore where you can buy these watches.

Let us see first the advantages in Titanium watches over other types. Titanium is a very interesting material that bears the advantages of steel but it is also better in many ways. Titanium is stronger than steel and its hypoallergenic so whoever has allergy to normal or stainless steel can still wear titanium watches. In addition, Titanium does not deliver the coldness of the steel and it is perfectly capable to adopt the temperature of the human body. This is a handy feature especially in colder areas. The Titanium watches are very cosy to wear because Titanium is also much lighter than normal steel (with about 45 percent). The difficulty with Titanium watches is the processing of the steel that is harder than of the normal stainless steel so it is more time savvy and takes much more professionalism. Titanium has a 10 form grading scale with grade 10 virtually impossible to reach, yet already grade nine makes an exceptionally strong material. Titanium watches with grade 9 Titanium are impossible to get scratched visible. Yet, most watchmakers use lower grades of this material because grade 9 would make watches so expensive, with the very hard processing and with the rarity of nine grade Titanium.

Finally yet importantly, titanium is said to have healing and good effects on the human body. Titanium watches are not yet really part of the mass production products due to their relative rarity.

Lower grades of titanium watches are useful too because they tend to get so soft that it’s enough to use a sandpaper to make scratches gone from the case. Smartly watchmakers do not provide any grading details along their Titanium watches. Some of the most popular titanium watches today are:

. Citizen Eco-Drive 180 Titanium watches: special collection of Eco-Drive, which is said to be a non-stop watch, powered by light. In Singapore, Citizen Watches are highly popular and bought so you will find plenty of both Citizen Label stores and in stores of watch retailers. The biggest Singapore retailer of Citizen watches is the City Chain the stores of which you will find in every shopping mall of the downtown ( Orchard Rd mainly)
. Skagen Men’s Titanium Watch: a great watch design piece from the Danish watch designing company. Find the store of Skagen in Singapore in the ION Shopping Mall.
. Seiko Men’s Titanium watch – Seiko has several collections made from Titanium such as the newest version of its Velatura Chronograph watches. However, they mostly use stainless steel in their collections. Seiko has its own registered (patented?) Titanium steel, which they call, Brightz. This special Titanium is 30% harder than normal Titanium. Brightz is special because it really looks like Sterling Silver. Seiko’s biggest Singapore retailer is the Tongsia Company so Seiko’s large label store is located within the Tongsia Building along Bideford Road. Apart from that, you can find Seiko in every shopping mall in the shops of City Chain.
. Casio Titanium Oceanus: this very special diving watch of Casio is made of Titanium. Find Casio watches in Singapore in the store of Cyber Times Zone along Park Road and in House of Times along Orchard Rd.

As you can see, there is plenty of choice for you to get fine quality titanium watches in Singapore. Apart from these mentioned brands, there are many more titanium watches of top brands, as this special material is getting more and more famous. In Singapore, Titanium watches are indeed highly eligible and you can check them out quickly when you are out on a shopping spree.

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