The Best GPS Watches in Singapore

GPS watches are mostly professional watches in order to help sportsmen to determine time, speed, distance and to help them with competing exercises and to work out new lanes and feature maps for runners. Let us see what we can get to know about GPS watches and where we can get GPS watches in Singapore and from with brands. There are some key brands, which we can connect with special GPS watches. One thing to know about these special watches is that because of the GPS device they tend to be larger and heavier than normal watches. Therefore, those who wear them for professional purposes mostly wear them.

Interestingly it was CASIO, which first came up with the idea of a built-in GPS into a wristwatch. The Casio Pathfinder was introduced in 1999 but finally was discontinued due to lack of interest. The four main manufacturers of GPS watches are currently Timex, Garmin, Polar and Suunto. Garmin, Polar and Suunto are held as the current best makers of professional watches. Garmin is a Taiwan based Swiss company, Suunto and Polar is from Finland, which is a country where all sports are popular also in sub-zero climate. These watchmakers could perfect their watches and there is indeed a large need for their GPS watches. Let us see what GPS makes possible for us to do with our watches:

Time keeping, Route tracking, Heart rate monitor, Cadence sensor compatibility, Power meter compatibility, Map display, Compatibility with sport transitions (Such as triathlons), Training programs (such as intervals), Routes, Display (Illuminated or passive), Rechargeable battery

As you see, GPS watches are this way perfect for sportsmen and sportswomen who do run a lot or do triathlons frequently on a professional level. Garmin alone has more than eight current models of GPS watches on the market. Check out the Garmin Forerunners for more information and description on these special watches. The GPS watch of Timex is called Timex T5E231 Ironman Triathlon.

Of course, GPS watches are not only for runners, there are models for those who profess other sports as well. Perfect example for this is the Suunto Golf GPS Watch which is a very specific golf watch tailored to the needs of golfers where the watch scans your capacity, the length of your shots by distance and also the teeing points. It is a great must-have for every golfer! There is GPS watch also for sailors and marines the Suunto Yachtsmen that tracks speed and distance and tracks down sea meteorological information for you.

In Singapore, you can find the watches of Garmin whose Singapore retailer is the NaviCom Ltd. We suggest you to go to the Funan Digital Mall where Garmin watches are sold in great number. There is a good chance that you can find GPS watches of other types over here, also Funan is very popular in Singapore for its great discounts. There are Suunto watches in Singapore in high numbers, as people do love to do sports over here. Therefore, Suunto watches are sold in at least two dozen of sports stores all over Singapore. As for the Timex watches, you can find them easily in the stores of City Chain which deals with at least 20 international brands. City Chain deals with other sports watches from Nike and Adidas so the chance to find a larger number of GPS watches over there is high.

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