The Best Local Malls to Buy Beautiful Jewellery

Who doesn’t know that the smallest country in Southeast Asia, Singapore, can give huger satisfaction for shopaholics than any other countries? Singapore is full of dynamic and energy offered by the shopping facilities and cultural richness of the area. The place which has a popular nickname of “Garden City” is known as a very green and clean country. The population of the country consists of four big groups of Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. The differences do not bring riot; racial tolerance is highly elevated as the internalized value of the nation. Peace and comfort are two dominant feelings in the country; it makes people enjoy their shopping experiences even more. With English as the dominant language spoken in the country, surely there will be no problem when you intend to get certain service. Either it is visiting traditional Chinese temples, Moslem mosques, Hindu temples, or exciting trips to Little India, Chinatown, Kampong Glam, or Geylang Serai; Singapore offers premium hospitality and friendliness for the international visitors.

Fashion products are the prima donna in Singapore. Shoppers are looking for branded clothing products, accessories, bags, shoes, and jewellery in more reachable prices than in any other city. Boutiques and mono-brands showroom by popular fashion lines in the world sell high quality clothes, accessories, and jewellery, following the recent trend of the season. Spread in all over the city of Singapore, the Singaporean shopping malls present distinctive services and euphoria in mall-ratting. The concepts of the malls establishment are varied, following the demand and the need of the localities and international visitors. Therefore, there are some layers of shopping malls built to embrace all levels of the societies. Here are some shopping malls in which people can satisfy their thirst toward high quality consumer products and services.

Having the title as the hugest mall in the city, the VivoCity Singapore is really a vogue for local people and international tourists. The concept of the building is really amazing, designed by a Japanese architect, Toyo Ito. The brands occupying the mall are coming from local business to foreign companies which put their root in the Singaporean business. As for jewellery, many luxurious brands such as Chanel, Tiffany, and Boucheron present in the mall. Accessories by popular jewellery designers are also available in some boutiques inside the mall.

ION Orchard
In the busy and crowded Orchard Road, there is an eccentric look shopping mall that will get everybody’s attention instantly. It is the ION Orchard. The popularity of the Orchard Road itself has attracted so many people, either foreigners or localities, to visit the district during holidays. The strategic position of the mall and the attractiveness of the building’s concept have become the gravitation for the shoppers to visit the place. Hundreds of jewellery retails from Singapore and outside the country are available.

Plaza Singapura
If you are looking for a unique jewellery shopping experience, Plaza Singapura is a highly recommended place. Some key stores in jewellery business are opening their gallery in this plaza. Not only does it offer fresh experience of jewellery hunting, its other facilities such as multiple restaurants and complete entertainment sites will spoil the plaza’s visitors.

Marina Square
Located near the beautiful Marina Bay, Marina Square gives the visitors a great panorama. With the direct access to the best hotels in Singapore, Oriental and Mandarin Hotels, Marina Square becomes the prime choice to spend your time. Either to shop for the best brand of jewellery available in Singapore or just to hang out with friends and family, Marina Square is a good destination. Top notch fashion boutiques and brands are available with the total of over 300 retails inside the mall. Some interesting promos and special privileges are offered season by season to give more benefits for the mall’s visitors.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
In the civic district, lies a wonderful shopping centre, with the world-class facilities and it is stuffed with luxury items coming from all over the world. Raffless City Shopping Centre is the referred place. Many popular designer stores such as Omega, Tiffany, and Chanel are opened inside the mall and they are ready to welcome everyone. Strategic location, good facilities, high quality products; what else do people need to fulfill their desire to get high quality jewellery?

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