The Best Places To Buy Used Necklaces in Singapore

In some countries, it is not that trendy to buy used or second-hand jewellery, but Singapore is much different from these places. Here, many people are always on the lookout for some great user necklace sets and other second hand jewellery and sometimes, when you keep on looking for jewellery at second hand stores, you may as well end up with a piece even more worthy and beautiful than what you would buy at a jewellery store, for much less money. Let us see where you can find the best places for getting used necklace sets and other second hand jewellery.

Singapore is an alone-standing place where lots of culture gets mixed up to create a unique atmosphere paired up with infinite shopping possibilities. You can get to find great stores and shopping malls where you can browse among used jewellery and these are not necessarily pawnshops. Let us see a couple of the best examples of where to find used necklace collections and other great jewellery for a low price:

Ming Fang Antique House
This is a sort of more elite place where used necklace is rather called a vintage, despite this fact you can get to find beautiful pieces of second hand jewellery here, along with all sorts of antique items, from furniture to garments. This store can be found in the Chinatown and you can freely bargain here as well.

China Square Flea Market
This superb flea market is located in Chinatown at China Square and offers thousands of goods for a low price. This also includes second hand jewellery; however, you may need to check well on the exact quality here. The flea market is a great place for bargain and for buying some good-looking fake designer items very cheaply.

Mustafa Centre
Mustafa Centre is located in the Little India district and has a unique characteristic: its open 24 hours long. From garments to perfumes, household goods or jewellery, you can find everything at Mustafa Centre for a good price. Mustafa sells good quality gold and silver used necklace sets in great quantities. Everyone knows of Mustafa centre in Singapore, so you will not have any troubles finding this great shopping centre.

Golden Mile Complex
This is a Thai shopping mall selling everything for a great price. The mall is highly visited by the local bargain hunters. Here you can get to find loads of used necklace sets, accessories and fake designer goods. The choice of garments and all sorts of goods is great at Golden Mile that is also popular for having some of the best Thai restaurants and food bars in Singapore.

People’s Park Complex
Located in the Chinatown, you can easily spot People’s Park because it is an incredibly huge building housing some thousands of flats. The complex has some of the cheapest stores in Singapore, along with Pawnshops and jewellers that offer a great deal of used necklace and jewellery sets.

Bugis Street Market
Located in Bugis Junction district, this street market sells anything and everything, from food to jewellery. You can find some great bargains here and it is a great place for enjoying the local atmosphere. Bugis Street Market is open every day.

As you can see, there are loads of chances for you to find a beautiful necklace in Singapore. Apart from the places we enlisted, it is largely enough for you to take a nice walk in Chinatown and Little India to find dozens of jewellers selling second hand jewellery. Singapore is a great place for shopping and sightseeing and we really suggest you to visit this incredible metropolis.

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