The Best Watches For Diving in Singapore

Diving watches are very special watches that are specifically designed for any of such activity, which involves or may involve spending considerable time in the water. The diving watches much answer to many standards most importantly the ISO 6425 certification. As Singapore is a tropical climate island it is no wonder that all sorts of water and seawater related sports are extremely popular for hobby. This includes also diving: scuba diving or mixed gas diving. However, when we talk about watches, several factors may confuse those who do not know much about water-resistant or diving watches.

Let us see some handy information on diving watches first then we will outline a couple of models that are among the best suggested for diving or other water activities. It is very important for you to know what to get for your actions especially because professional diving watches can be extremely expensive and because you may not need a model you are preparing to buy.

Diving watches are governed by the ISO 6425, which is a much more serious regulation. However, there are differences here too, let us see:

Divers 200 and 300 m: Most of the diving watches belong to this category, which is perfectly suitable for scuba divers. Please pay attention that these diving watches are not suitable for mixed-gas and saturation (deep) diving.

Divers + 300 m: This is the version, which is only for the professionals, so you will not need these diving watches if you only go scuba diving once a year. Only those watches are accepted to be eligible for saturation diving which have the”Divers watch L M for mixed gas diving” written on them.

Today’s most popular divers watches come from Citizen, Omega and Rolex. Some of the most popular models for diving watches are:
. Citizen Pro-Master Eco-Drive divers watch 200m
. Citizen Pro-Master Aqua land Divers watch 200m
. Seiko Diver’s 200m -reliable watch and among the few under SGD 250
. Luminox Navy Seal – The Luminox brand is not yet worldwide known yet it’s a military watch brand used by US forces and the Luminox is Swiss made too, a real good precision tool with trusted features and with great prices under USD 200 usually.
. Omega Seamaster 300 M Chrono Diver Chronograph with a helium release valve

Let us see some of the best professional divers watches now which are only worth buying for the professional saturation divers: Seiko SBBN007 Professional Diver’s 300 m for mixed-gas diving and Rolex Submariner 16610

In Singapore, you can buy all these models especially because Japanese watches are highly popular and available on the Singaporean watch market. You can find Citizen and Seiko watches along with their diving watches in the stores of City Chain. The diving watches are also available in the many sports stores of Singapore. Do not forget to visit Funan Digital Mall where you can get to see many watch brands along with sport stores offering great quality for even better discounts. Omega and Rolex watches are sold in every shopping mall and in the downtown of Singapore by the stores of Sincere, the Glass Hour and the labels’ own label stores along Orchard Road. Singapore is a great city because no matter what good you would like to buy, cheap or expensive you will find them here and much time you will also save money while doing so. Yet most importantly, looking for diving watches will not only help you to do scuba diving with happiness but also will help you to learn how to get around this beautiful city, which is nothing but fully worth for sightseeing.

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