The Luxury of Panerai Watches

Panerai is the most famous for two things. The first one is the unconventional outlook of their watches, which is also their trademark look. The second thing is definitely the world famous actor Sylvester Stallone who has largely contributed to the success story of Panerai Watches Inc. In this article, we would like to introduce you to Panerai Watches, by telling you about some of their characteristics, history and of course, we include the places where you can find them in Singapore. Singapore is a real “watch aficionado” city and there is no brand, which you would not be able to find in this beautiful, colourful city.

Panerai has become extremely famous for their trademark outlook that results in some extra large watches with a statement outlook. The Panerai Watches were first manufactured in Florence where the base of Panerai is still located. Panerai’s history goes back to 1860 when Guido Panerai has opened his own watchmaker’s shop in Florence and started to produce his first trademark watches, with an appropriate Swiss backup in terms of watch movements. The Panerai watches, apart from their great outlook are also known of their great technology and reliability in their mechanism. Panerai Watches first came into limelight when the Royal Italian Navy has gotten interest its watches and therefore Panerai has become their official watch supplier. The watches have ever since a great reputation all around the world. That was the time, when the signature collections of Panerai, namely the Luminor and the Radiomir collections, were first produced. Their Luminor Marina and the Mare Nostrum Chronograph were the best technology watches at that time and had stayed so ever since. In 1997, Richmond Group have bought up Panerai Watches and implemented a new business strategy.

Today, the main lines of Panerai’s collections include – Historic, Contemporary, Manifattura and Special Editions. The special editions play a key role for Panerai and so they release an outstanding collection every year. Stallone who has largely contributed to the huge US success of Panerai has requested multiple limited editions, such as Slytech and multiple style of Panerai watch for him to wear, specifically tailored to his needs. Panerai Watches are produced for the sporty people especially in connection with car racing. The new edition of Radiomir which features a brand new technology in its”8 Days and 8 Days GMT” models, with a modern key of a mechanism, the hand-wound 8-day movement. The Ferrari Panerai watches are also world famous. The newest special collection of Panerai was produced exclusively for the British Classic Yacht Club Cowes Regatta. It is an interesting fact that Panerai deals with exclusively watches with leather straps that go the best with their unique looking timepieces.

In Singapore, the one and only label store of Panerai Watches has recently opened its doors to Singapore public within the brand new ION Orchard Shopping Mall. The huge showroom perfectly assembles the best collections of Panerai. Other Singapore dealers of Panerai Watches include Cortina Watch Co. , The Hour Glass ( in Knightsbridge Mall and in Tang Plaza), in Richemont Luxury Stores along Orchard Road and by Sincere Haute Horlogerie in various Singapore shopping malls all around town.

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