The Most Popular Watch Brands in Singapore

Singapore is a real shopping paradise in Asia and it has a huge role in the Asian and global retail business. You can find all brands here, speaking about luxury brands as watches brands or any other luxury fashion items Singapore is a must-visit place. With its countless elegant shopping malls and futuristic architectural wonders, Singapore is an outstanding city for the tourist and for any shopper. In this article, we will see what types of watches brands we will find here and we will enlist some of the biggest watches retailers and the best shopping places to check out in the city.

Singapore has about ten huge and twenty smaller shopping malls that you can find in the downtown area of the huge city their offers are diverse, many of them are specialised in selling of electronics or high street fashion goods. The most popular shopping zone of Singapore is arguably the Orchard Road, a huge road that has about ten of the city’s most visited shopping mall and it is the biggest luxury-shopping zone of the city. You will surely find the best label stores of watches brands and the best fashion designers along Orchard Road. The biggest malls here include the ION Orchard, the Orchard Central, the Paragon, the 313@Somerset, the Suntec City Mall or the Heeren just to enlist a few. All these great shopping malls have a great diverse variety of luxury stores. Huge shopping malls such as the ION or the Suntec are packed with all sorts of watches stores, such as the stores of SINCERE, which are among the largest retailers of international luxury watches brands such as TAG Heuer, Omega, Rolex, Longines. However, you can also spot the quality stores of Hour Glass that deals with such luxury watches brands as Ulysse Nardin, Hublot, Breguet, A Lange & Söhne or Audemars Piquet. The stores of these retailers of high quality watches brands can be found in each one of the bigger shopping malls. Of course, there are so man watches retailers such as the HJ Watch and Jewellery, Bronze Age, Fook Hing Trading Co, Best Watches Enterprises, Geneva Watch or Time Cottage all deal with different watches brands in Singapore.

Huge shopping malls such as the ION Orchard have all the quality jewellery and watches stores that deal with the high quality watches brands. You can find the label stores of Patek Phillippe, Tag Heuer, Cartier, the famous Casio, IWC, Omega, Panerai or Rolex can all be found here, just to mention a few great watches brands. huge shopping malls as the Marina Bay Sands, the Raffles Shopping Mall or shopping streets as the Raffles Boulevard are all stuffed with quality stores selling the best quality watches brands in Singapore.

So, if you would like to browse the variety of watches brands which you can find in Singapore for sure you will need multiple days or perhaps even weeks for doing so, as the variety of stores and the number of shopping malls here is pretty high. First, go through the Orchard Road because it is by far the best-ever place for the shopping of luxury goods and all sorts of high quality watches brands.

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