Top Running Watches in Singapore

Running has become one of the most popular sports for Singaporeans and because this beautiful city is full of green parks which are the most comfortable for running, yet there are built-out running lanes also on the island of Sentosa and along the shoreline by the Bay area, Singapore is a great place for running and jogging. Therefore, many people run every day, before or after work. As it is great to have proper running watches for those who are running on a daily level Singapore has made it possible for everyone to get today’s best running watches within the city.

Sport nowadays has so many varieties, from the ones that do not need any equipment such as run, sit up, or push up to those that need expensive equipments such as golf or even off-road driving. With all the activities that people have, having time to do sport becomes limited. Some people are forced to sit in front of the computer almost all day long to do their job, and when it is time to go home, they have to sit in their car waiting in the line of cars along the road. This sitting activity makes those people’s body rarely moved and later it results in obesity and illnesses. For these kinds of people, weekend is the only time to move their body, and if this is the only time to do sport, they rarely think of buying expensive equipments that will be rarely used. Even if they think of doing running, treadmill might be less attractive rather than running outdoor since they have spent most of their time being indoor.

In Singapore, running has become extremely popular. This is supported by the existence of many facilities for this sport. If you are interested in running, in Singapore you can not only easily find places to do your favorite activity but you can also find shops that sell the complementary equipment for running such as shoes, clothes, and even watches. These equipments are not the common ones because they should be made special for running.

As for running watches, you will need watch that has stopwatch to count the time that you have spent for running, accelerometer that will measure the proper acceleration, GPS that will track your running speed and distance. The running watch should also be super lightweight so it will not be a burden for you. Some people also choose running watch that can count the burned calories. Moreover, above all of the importance mentioned, the watch should be, of course, affordable.

If you are looking for running watch that is multifunction yet affordable, Soleus GPS Running Watch might be your best choice. This watch is American-based watch that is made compact, light, and yet multifunction. This running watch will not be a burden for you, but instead might give you more spirit to do your favorite sport because of the functions and the varieties of color. It is available in two series in which the latest one enables you to monitor your heart rate and to put the watch on your chest. This watch can be purchased at Crystal Time at 16 Tannery Ln, Singapore.

However, if you want simpler running watch that suits you more, you can try Timex watch. This watch has accelerometer and GPS. You can find ones of this brand in Tangs Orchard at Orchard Road and in Tangs ViVocity at Harbourfront Walk. Another brand that might attract you is Casio. Even though this watch is popular for its fashion watches, Casio also has running watch that will help you a lot in running. Try to look for it at Casio retailer in Bugis Junction. For cheapest high quality running watch, you can also find yours at Bencoolen Mall that provides running watches with rubber strap and cloth strap. The straps will make your wrist felt lighter than the wristwatch.

Let’s see which models and brands are currently the most famous for their quality running watches. Today we cannot get past sport watches without mentioning the world famous Garmin sport watches. Garmin deals with specific watches for professional sportsmen, for pilots and for those who do water sports. Garmin’s golf watches are popular on the market and are their professional running watches. So, what makes Garmin running watches so unique?

Garmin Watches have managed to perfect the running watches into such level, which we would never have imagined not even about ten years ago. Garmin deals with GPS and non-GPS enabled running watches and their latest models are the so-called forerunning watches that are highly regarded as the best professional watches in the world. There are several models of Garmin running watches. Their best features include the touch screen; heart rate based training options with heart rate measurer, Virtual Racing technology that records your previous tracks with speed and time so you can race with yourself virtually. There is a training schedule program within the watch and other extras as well. Garmin Forerunner watches models include 110, 120, the newest 610 and the smaller FR 60 models. The dealer of Garmin in Singapore is the NaviCom Ltd. the most popular place for getting Garmin watches is the Funan Digital Mall.

Well, if you are someone who thinks that price comes for the quality, Garmin watches might still be okay for you. Garmin running watch has a simple design and look, but it is the best choice if you live in a city that has tall buildings that might be a trouble for the GPS satellite. This watch can save the last information and automatically open it when it gets the satellite signal again. The package includes a power adaptor and a clip to attach the watch to the adaptor and for uploading. Find it at Sim Lim Square or the other dealers in ZM Engineering at Sims Avenue, Viewers Choice Travel at Cuppage Road. You can also find the watch at the retailers at any branches of Challenger Technologies and Parisilk Electronics & Computers, or at Prestige Time at Bain Street – Bras Basah Complex.

The Suunto brand deals with all sorts of professional watches for athletes from running watches to triathlon Suunto has so many models and each one comes with some great special features in a sport watch. Some of the most outstanding features of Suunto watches include the training effect, the EPOC , the port-session analysing of body parameters, performance measuring methods, scheduling and many other features. Speed and distance measuring for Suunto does not come through GPS because of the watch to stay small and light. Additional pod and other accessories can be purchased together with the Suunto watches. Find Suunto in Singapore in sports stores such as the 551 Scuba, the 662 Scuba, at the A& L Leisure and Adventure Store, in the ALLROUND Sports Centre, in the stores of Amazing Dive and in the Americ Marine and Sports Centre among many other sport stores or centres.

In order to check out other sports and running watches, you can visit the downtown stores of the City Chain watch dealer that has a great variety of sports watches from famous brands as Adidas, Fossil, Nike, Oakley, Casio, Timex or Seiko. Check out the above mentioned professional running watches indeed because they are really worth shopping if you really want to stay in competition, if only with yourself.

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