Toy Watches in Singapore

Toy Watch is an international company that offers quality watches of different sorts. The company is especially famous in Asia and the United States where several stars are promoting the brand. From this article, you will know where to find Toy Watch store in Singapore and some more details about the company itself.

Toy Watch has about the same concept that first Casio brought into the US market with the G-Shock watches. The watches come with about the same outlook and the same structure but there are many-many variations in colour and this way, in its outlook without losing its trademark form. An Italian designer who had become a watch designer from being an avid fan of wristwatches invented Toy Watches. His name is Marco Mavilla and he was the one who first come up with the design and business concept of Toy Watch. Toy Watch collections are all made of plastic that makes them very light to carry and makes them look quite similar to some Swatch pieces. Toy Watch debuted in the US in 2006 and thanks to its good promotion soon stars have started to buy the Toy Watch timepieces and as of today, Toy Watch collections are very well promoted and widely bought all over the country. Toy Watch US is a semi-independent subsidiary of Toy Watch SA in Italy.

Interestingly the watches are not close to the US fame in Europe, perhaps because of the already overcrowded watch market. In other places, Toy Watches are not taken too seriously because of their plastic material and simple forms. In the US, the Toy Watch can also thank its fame and popularity to the famous show personality Oprah who wore the watch and heavily promoted it in 2007, as of today, it is among the most favourite watch brands of Michelle Obama, the wife of US President Barack Obama.

The first collection of the Toy Watch was already very one-sided which contained the same size oversized watches. Today it has 25 different collections from children’s watches to the oversized watches. It also deals with Bling watches that are heavily covered with crystals. In the beginning of the 2000’s these watches have still greatly matches especially with the flavour of the Bling and Hip-Hop generations. Due to the great colours and variations, the watches have soon become favourites in schools. The brand has just started to expand on the world market, which specifically means Asia in this case. Its first boutiques opened in India in 2010 and around the same time also in Singapore.

Recently Toy Watch also deals with more expensive pieces, using gemstones, precious metals and even mother of pearl in its collections. Similarly, to G-Shock Toy Watch also asks well-known personalities and designers to take part in the designing process. This year Missoni deals with the limited collection. The brand offers watches for different generations with different flavour and need. Here you can find your watch no matter you like the pop culture or you are a motorcyclist. In Singapore there are two known stores of Toy Watch one of which you can find in the downtown Ngee An City and the other one is its label store located within the ION Orchard Mall. Far Eastern people, especially the teenagers love the bright colours so the Toy Watch collections are bought up in high numbers. You may also find them in the Funan Digital Mall.

There are all sorts of toy watches in Singapore and their names can mean multiple thing. First, toy watches are those toys for children with the help of which they can learn the time. These can be either functioning watches or non-functioning replicas of watches. These sorts of watches are commonly sold in the toy stores all over Singapore. You will see when you get in this very colourful town how many great stores, shopping malls or shopping streets you can find here, which means that there is nothing to be worried about when you want to get a toy watch to your sibling.

There are also watchmakers that make toy watches for children, which are functioning pieces, and with the help of which they can learn the time. The most popular of these watches are the watches of Flik Flak. Flik Flak is the company of Swatch specialised in the making of toy watches, which means such functioning pieces which look attractive for children and help them a lot to learn how to tell the time from an analogue watch. Flik Flak is sold at many places in Singapore, let us see where exactly:

. Bugis Junction Shopping Mall: this shopping mall is famous for the great variety of watches
. Junction 8 Shopping Mall located in Bishan Town Centre
. Plaza Singapura Shopping Mall
. The Heeren Shopping mall: This is one of the most elegant shopping malls of Orchard Road, Singapore’s most popular shopping road and area.
. Raffles City Centre: This is a huge family Shopping mall with lots of toy stores and activities for the whole family. It is located nearby the Raffles Square and Boulevard by the Marina Bay.
. Suntec City: Suntec City is nearby Orchard Road and it is among the biggest touristic attractions in the area, because it is hosting the largest – and according to many the ugliest- fountain in the world.

Flik Flak Watches is a great brand of toy watches because it feels the responsibility to help children in this learning process. They deal with three sorts of toy watches, two of which are for children, helping them in learning and the third is for those who want trendy looking watches already. Another great idea is to look up the stores of Toy Watch because this brand deals with a very specific package of toy watches. They offer a specific kit for children, which they call ToyKit Watch Collection. There is a plain watch but there are specific straps on which children can draw, so this way they personalise their watches. There are bezels too of different colour, to decorate the watch with a colour they like, or to change them daily according to their taste. There are also markers included in the set and it is really a great kit of toy watches for children, to come to like and start to learn reading the time. Find the stores of Toy Watch in Singapore in the Ngee An City Shopping Mall and in the ION Orchard Shopping Mall, among other places.

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