Unique Handmade Jewellery in Singapore

In Singapore, there is something very typical, familiar, and easy to find: the fashion store. Since couple of years ago, Singapore has been the gravitation for the shoppers all over the world. Fashion stores start to dominate the scenery in the Singapore cities to provide the demand of international shoppers from all over the world. Fashion items such as clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and jewellery are highly hunted by millions of people coming to the city each year. Supported by this fact, jewellery industry in Singapore grows very fast.

Both local and foreign businessmen who step their feet in the jewellery market compete to give the best products and service for the jewellery enthusiasts. As the result, there are many kinds of jewellery exist in the city. From traditional-designed jewellery to the modern jewellery, any kind of jewellery is available in this so-called “Garden City”. Since the country itself is a multi-nationalist country, occupied by some ethnic groups such as Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Eurasian people, the culture influenced jewellery making inside the country is varied. Traditional Indian style jewellery is easy to find as well as ethnical Chinese jewellery.

Following the development of technology, the jewellery-making technique has grown so much too. Today is easy to find machine-made jewellery with high accuracy, composition, and precision. This kind of jewellery is usually produced in large amount as a form of business expansion. Yet, although the number is very limited, handmade jewellery still has its supremacy in the heart of its enthusiasts. The handmade products are more preferable for some people because of some unique properties it has.

The first thing that people love about handmade jewellery is its flexibility. Gold and platinum are the most favorite materials for jewellery when it comes to handmade products; and when the products’ design has some flaws, the jewellery artists can instantly fix it with their special technique. This thing costs lower than melting down the machine-made jewellery to fix some damage or flaw in the product. Still related to the flexibility property, the designs of the handmade products are highly exclusive, and even in some cases, can be personalized. The artisans can create the jewellery based on their inspiration or based on the customer’s demand. This is a very great property if it happens that someone wants to give her or his beloved one a surprise gift which really matches their taste and favorite. The second nice thing about the handmade product is its originality.

No one can make exactly the same jewellery like the other person does. The spirit of craftsmanship is highly elevated here. The jewellery artisans give their all and their best to make the most unusual and distinctive products so that they can survive in the large jewellery market. Not only is this thing good for the customers, who get highly original product, it is also good for the artisans to pump up their creativity.

Finding handmade products in the middle of the jewellery stores crowd in Singapore is not difficult at all. The exclusive handmade product by popular international jewellery brand such as Tiffany, Anna Maria Cammilli, Harry Winston, and Julinda Chia Morgan are available in the mono brand boutiques of the company or the multi brand stores in Singapore shopping malls. ION Orchard, Takayashima, Paragon, Plaza Singapura, and Marina Square are just some examples of famous shopping malls in Singapore. VivoCity, Suntec City Mall, and Nge Ann city are the other examples. For more challenging experience of handmade jewellery shopping in Singapore, there is Bugis Junction with many possibilities of bargaining the sold products.

Handmade products with special characteristics of Indian jewellery ornaments are best to be looked for in the Little India. The place not only provides Indian products, but also shows the lively Indian culture which still exists today. The special Chinese ethnical jewellery made by the Chinese jewellery artisans are largely available in the Chinatown; part of Singapore which is rich of Chinese culture and tradition, internalized by Chinese-Singaporean people. Before choosing the product that you want to buy, select carefully and scrutinize whether or not the products are really handmade jewellery. When you come to fall for a thing and you can afford it, take it, so that there will be no regret in the future.

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