Watch Prices in Singapore

We would like to give you some basic description on the watch prices in Singapore, the local currency, exchange and rules and we will help you with what other advantages or discounts you can earn in Singapore. Watch prices in Singapore are quite moderate so this means, that expect not to pay more than in other countries.

Singapore is famous for its great deal of luxury goods and this includes the luxury brands of watches. Of course, depending on your purse you have the choice what to choose, in case you don’t have the budget, you can choose from a wide variety of cheap yet good quality watches, the price of which starting from USD 20-30. The grand shopping malls in Singapore do have some of the best quality watches stores. Yet in Singapore, the watch store label does not automatically guarantee watch repair services too. However, before checking out a watch repair, be sure to know the warranty of your watch. The best quality watches come with a long warranty and some brands even offer lifelong warranty and in this case, you will need to go to such store where you can get your watch repaired and not paying anything. This is though not very much likely unless you check out the label store of your brand in Singapore. Most of the local watch repair stores will be ready to help you with your watch but they will ask money and only after repair will they give warranty for their own services.

In order for you to understand Singapore and Singaporean prices, it is essential for you to know about the Singaporean currency and payment methods. The official currency of Singapore is the Singapore Dollar which is abbreviated as SGD or $. The small currency is cents and one hundred cents make up for 1 SGD. The bills of SGD go up to SGD 10000. What is interesting that Singapore Dollar is pegged with the Brunei Dollar and due to an agreement the two countries has made previously Brunei Dollar is used in Singapore the same as Singapore Dollar without problems. Singaporeans may give you bay Brunei Dollar instead of Singapore Dollars and you can pay with them without problems. Everywhere in Singapore the “$” sign means Singapore Dollars and not US Dollars, unless otherwise stated. In Singapore, the credit and bank cards are widely used but there are shops which take up to 3% additional cost for the bank transaction and taxis may even take 15% of the total cost so its better never to pay with credit card for a Singapore taxi driver. Pay attention because Travellers’ cheques are not accepted in Singapore. If you need to exchange money to Singapore Dollars, rather use the exchange offices instead of banks as they have better rates. You can get a better quote if you ask the cashier previously for how much would he change your money, especially when it is about bigger sums. You will see that you will get a better quote for it. The best exchange is the one of the famous shopping centre called Mustafa, which is open 24 hours and has a huge traffic all day and night long. Mustafa deals with money exchange with great rates and its worth exchanging money at them. Mustafa Centre is located in Little India. Do not pay in department stores of shopping malls with foreign currency because you may lose a lot on this transaction. Many of these accept USD.

As for the watch prices and normal prices for fashion items and jewellery, due to the low taxed and low tariffs on the imported goods when they are carried inside in bulk means good prices, at least better than those you would expect in a country, which is normally more expensive than other Asian countries. When it comes to watch prices, they are written out everywhere and assistants are frank with you about the goods because of the strong consumer protecting laws in Singapore. The Mustafa Centre is a great place if you want to see low watch prices. Everywhere around the Little India and the Kampong Glam districts, you will see low watch prices. The Far East Plaza on Scots Road is among the cheapest and they deal with a great deal of watches. The watch stores you can get low watch prices include the smaller businesses but you can try haggling everywhere so you will see if you can get lucky or not really. The good thing is that you can get a tax refund at the airport of Singapore before leaving. For more details always ask the shop you are to buy at. Tax counts for every 100 SGD spent.

Watches prices will be definitely lower as you may expect, especially when you know when to visit Singapore and where to go. During the May-July period, Singapore has a Shopping Festival called Great Singapore Sales when you can get to see great watch prices also in shopping malls of Orchard road at the best luxury watches stores.

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