Wearing Chemises in Saudi Arabia

As Saudi Arabia women gain more confidence in wearing sexy lingerie, one of the lingerie items that is a must-have in every woman’s drawer is the chemise. Sensual, flirty and playful, the chemise can be worn as an undergarment or worn alone as sleepwear. Check out the range of chemises on sale in Saudi lingerie stores to get a clue of the designs available. Most of them are sourced from top lingerie brands and bear the unmistakeable quality of a well-stitched article. Designer chemises cost a lot more but are exquisitely designed and made, hence worth the price.

The upper part of the chemise fits snugly, outlining your bust softly. This part can be enhanced using one of numerous trimmings, among them lace, ribbon, bows, and frills. These girly enhancements add to the enchanting style of the chemise, giving it layers of feminine appeal. The bottom part of the chemise takes on a flowing design from below the bust downwards, but only slightly, so that it is a little tight on the hips. The average chemise reaches mid-thigh, but different designs can be slightly shorter or longer. Manufacturers make chemises in both plain colors and floral designs. A floral chemise is what you want to buy when you want to ooze the girly charm of a playful, little-girl-inside design. For a sexier look, pick a plain colored chemise in either red, pink or purple. More popular colors for the chemise are black, white, blue, green, grey, and burgundy. Cotton chemises are very comfortable for sleeping in, as are lace and silk one. Satin and polyester are the other materials commonly used to make chemises. If you like, buy a few of these to supplement your natural fabric chemises.

When you are uncomfortable about wearing a sheer outfit on its own, slipping on a chemise underneath will provide the extra covering you need to step out in your sheer garment. Be careful about the possibility of the colors of the two garments clashing though. If your sheer outfit is of a plain color, a chemise in a matching plain color will give the best look. If you can’t get a chemise in a matching color, wearing a chemise in a neutral color is the safest bet for an elegant look. If the outer garment is floral or has patterns and is closer to being see-through than sheer, avoid wearing a patterned chemise underneath, as the patterns will show through the sheer material and conflict with the ones on the outer (sheer) outfit and may not look so good.

Putting on a chemise is something every woman loves to do in the privacy of her room. Buy silky chemises in Saudi Arabia’s lingerie stores to enjoy the sensual feel of this lingerie against your skin. Wear it on its own as sleepwear or pair it with a matching panty, bikini, dressing gown or baby doll for extra style.

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