Weather in Abu Dhabi

When you happen to stumble in Abu Dhabi for a short business trip or a vacation, it pays a lot to know the weather in the city. Generally because of the weather, you will find out that Abu Dhabi is one of the most perfect places to while away the summer months because the city offers a sunny weather throughout the year. Indeed, if you plan on a trip to Abu Dhabi, it would be a great help to know the weather surprises that you are likely to experience. A little knowledge about the weather in Abu Dhabi is a good preparation kit so you will know what to do and what to bring.

From October to March, the weather in Abu Dhabi is usually sunny and pleasurable. The temperature fluctuates from 10C (50F) to an average of 40C (110F) to around 48 C (118 F) in the summer.

The weather during the day is blazing but at night the weather is generally the opposite. A lovely evening in Abu Dhabi consists of a cool weather which is what you just need to give your body a refreshing treat. In addition, the weather is chilly enough to make you hug your jackets tightly as you can.

When you land in Abu Dhabi in the month of April to August, you will notice that the weather in the city is relatively humid. Sandstorms are quite frequent during these months. Blame it to the weather because one of the results of the dust storms is the difficulty of seeing clearly from a distance. In contrast to the weather, the climate in Abu Dhabi is a little mild compared to the northern zones which are temperate. Despite this, the cloudless weather is good enough to compliment your stay in the city. On the contrary, during the months of January and February, you have foggy days ahead of you. Again, blame it to the weather.

Al Ain city, which is less than 200 km away, exhibits the highest temperature record of the summery weather. Nonetheless, the moisture-free breeze of the desert and the chilly nights make the oasis city a convenient place to while away the arid weather.
Precipitation seldom pours and occurs side by side with strong winds mainly during the winter which is in November to March.

Visiting Abu Dhabi in the cool months during the winter spell is also a good idea because the night temperatures play at around 13C (56F) while the day temperatures are pegged at around 24C (75F). Thanks to electric cooling systems, you can feel convenient to breeze through the heat of the weather.
The weather in Abu Dhabi should not cause much alarm nor worry as you pack your bags for your travel. However, this weather information should help you choose what and what not to be included in your luggage. Furthermore, this weather information helps you psych up yourself of what you can expect in the city in your business or leisure trip. Whether the weather is frosty or summery in Abu Dhabi, you are welcome!

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