Web Hosting Companies in South Africa

web hosting South Africa

These days every business needs a website since a website seems to be the only manner in which a brand can describe themselves and their products. A website offers a platform to millions of entrepreneurs who are looking for a means to connect to the target customers. With the help of a website more and more people tend to purchase the product especially after they have read something about it.

Websites are not only meant for descriptive “About Me’s” but also about the perfect place for customers to shop from the comfort of their home. But one can only build a website and host it once they find the perfect server and dealer who provides hosting facilities and for the best prices too. Every country has their own set of web hosting providers and so does South Africa. Each web hosting provider not only provides a space to host your website but a few also offer additional factors like unlimited hosting space, unlimited traffic, SEO services, SSL certificates, and much more.

Some of the top web hosting providers in South Africa would include, MWEB Uncapped Web Hosting, Afrihost, WebAfrica, SAwebhosts, Elitehost, Hetzner, Smartweb, Cybersmart, Uniwebserve and Ehost. MWEB Uncapped Web Hosting provides you with 4 package options to choose from. Apart from this they also have a medium where you can use their tools to even build your own website. You do not have to rely on a freelancer web designer or programmer to do the deed for you.

At Afrihost you can be guaranteed Innovative Products, Passionate People, Great Value and ZERO Risks. With Afrihost you can be assured of a no contracts catch, double money back guarantee and rock solid reliable service. They have a number of awards to prove that they are the best, also you can contact the customer support anytime to help you or answer any doubts you may have regarding your website design and hosting.

WebAfrica provides you with an easy to manage and cost effective web hosting service. They also have a variety of 4 packages to choose from. You can opt for either Linux or Windows hosting, they give you a detailed explanation and extended help as to which is better for your website. WebAfrica provides you with some of the top quality hardware which is safe and secure. They also guarantee rapid activation which means that you will not waste time filling up forms, making payments etc.

SAwebhosts is plain and simple, they offer three exclusive packages mainly gold, silver and platinum, with platinum being the most sought after. Elitehost is by far one of the best Website Hosting platforms in South Africa for support, pricing and product offerings. They also have a deal of the month offer going on at present which offers free domain registration with yearly unlimited hosting.

Last but not the least would be Hetzner. They provide 4 different types of web hosting options including dedicated servers too. You can also contact their customer care for any sort of help that you require. So that sums up a number of the web hosting providers that are available in South Africa.