Where To Buy Chopard Watches in Singapore

People nowadays have been aware of the function of watch as fashion. This awareness causes watches producers to create and design watches that suit and catch up with the trend. They also create luxurious watch as if watch is jewelry. However, this assumption is accepted by the market that mostly chooses luxurious high quality watch rather than the simple time-measurer one.

Chopard is one of the best jewellery and watchmaker in the world. The company was always far from conventional, it has always been looking for new ideas and solutions and it has a very interesting history as it is perhaps the only one in the world that has started with the making of timepieces but today is more known of its outstanding jewellery collections. All in all Chopard makes masterpieces and Chopard Watches are for the richest and most elegant women and men in the world. Let us see where to find Chopard watches and Chopard’s boutiques in Singapore. Also, Singapore people do love the finest brands of watches and the newly opened Marina Bay Sands Singapore is to become the most luxurious shopping malls of Asia.

Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded Chopard, a watch making and accessories company in 1860 when its founder was only 24 years old. Mr. Chopard had the key intention to make professional and very precise pocket watches and chronometers for the public. The Chopard Company a watch and jewellery manufacture, which means that they target to produce their watches all by themselves without getting watch movements or any watch parts from other countries or manufactures. Chopard Watches and Jewellery is also part of the very unique Fleurier Group which only has 4 members of the very best watches brands, Bovet, Parmigiani, Vacheron with Chopard which together make the Fleurier Quality Foundation meaning the highest quality level in Swiss watch making. “Qualité Fleurier” is today the biggest rival of the Geneva Seal manufacturing standard.

Chopard Watches is also called the “Watchmaker of the Stars” as the brand plays a very interesting role in European watch and jewellery making: he is the one company that provides the stars of Cannes and Palme d ‘Or with its beautiful watches and jewellery. Chopard is also the one who has designed and made the awards themselves too. Therefore its no wonder that Chopard Watches both the professional and women’s line which includes their great collection of jewellery watches’ lines are extremely beautiful and equally popular worldwide. Some of Chopard’s most distinguished collections include the L.U.C 2000 Sport, Happy Diamonds, Happy Sport and the Mille Miglia yearly released limited collection with respect to the Mille Miglia Car Racing Championship. Chopard’s beautiful diamond jewellery collections are among the very best in the world and their jewellery collection is currently in the limelight for their limited release of the “Animals of the World” collection, one that is outstanding in terms of both beauty and fantasy.

Following the trend or the development of technology, watches now have many functions such as tourbillion, chronograph, flyback function, perpetual calendar, GMT, and many others. These functions enable the watch to have more function than the usual time measurer. It even fulfills the need of equipment that supports people’s hobby, such as running or jogging, traveling, swimming, etc.

If you agree that watch can be used for more than its basic function and you want to have a watch that helps you to do your hobby or favorite sport, then Chopard watches are your best shot. This Swiss-made luxury watch was founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in his age of 24 which happened more than 100 years ago. The company not only sells watch but also jewelry and accessory, but it focuses more on watches. Chopard watches are made with innovative ideas by developing pocket watches and chronometers. By following the development of technology and trend, Chopard watches today have already been able to do all the functions written above. This company truly shows its dedication on the world of watch.

Chopard watches are created with passion and are made into some models. The handcrafted watch of Chopard is named L.U.C which is the eponym of the founder. The first L.U.C that was issued in 1860 was voted as Watch of the Year in Switzerland. Next, it produces L.U.C Quattro, L.U.C Tonneau, L.U.C Tourbillon, L.U.C Regulator. L.U.C Lunar One, L.U.C Chrono One, and other collections with their uniqueness that successfully give Chopard many achievements and awards. Besides the L.U.C collections, Chopard also produces racing collection consists of Mille Miglia, Jacky Ickx, and Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.

One classy collection of Chopard watch is Superfast. This sport watch has a powerful presence on the wrist of the wearer which is created by its imposing case. It flatters person who has boldly assertive personality. This super bold racing watch with its special Chopard engine has become the peak of Chopard’s racing watch. It is famous as it has become a mindset of Chopard’s racing collections.

If you long for Chopard watches which are decorated with diamonds, Happy Diamonds can be your best choice. These watches are made of white, rose, and yellow gold and are decorated with diamonds that dance around the watch of Happy Diamonds Icons. This is a very feminine beautiful collection for your beloved wife since the beauty will last forever. Plus, the diamonds are not stay still in its place but it can swirl between two sapphire crystals in the frame this Chopard watch.

Imperiale 36 MM watch is the another collection for you who want classy watch but not as dramatic as diamonds and gems. The frame of the watch is made of 18 carat gold and stainless steel. With those combination that is made proportionately this watch shows off the beauty of the age of Empires that becomes its inspiration.

The last but not the least, if you prefer something which is much simpler but can still show the bold characteristics of Chopard, the Classic collection is the choice. Chopard can successfully change people’s mindset that simple is out of date. This Classic collection, made of 18 carat gold and self-winding machine, is the place for people who love timeless style of watch.

Chopard Watches and Jewellery has opened its very first store in Singapore in 2011 in the brand new Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall, a shopping mall that was build by Singapore in order to host the most famous and very best brands in the world. Singapore is the land of style and luxury and a place representing some of the best and largest shopping-power and this way Chopard boutique runs with sound success. The price of Chopard Watches starts from around SGD 2500.

For the boutiques, Chopard’s Scheufele does not want them to be usual boutiques. She wants it to be like a jewel box. Thus, when you enter the boutiques, you will discover many facets of Chopard’s world. If you want to purchase your favorite Chopard watch or jewels collection, Singapore has three official boutiques which are at Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands, and Ngee Ann City-Orchard Road. This is one appreciation for Singapore as a city of fashion in Asia to have Chopard’s boutiques.

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