Where To Buy Men’ss Underwear in Riyadh

Good men’s underwear provides the right amount of support and fits well in all the right places. Finding such underwear in Saudi Arabia is, thankfully, not difficult as a good number of men’s clothing stores carry a number of underwear lines at any given time. It has taken the world many years to get to the modern underwear as we know it, and now that underwear designers finally got the hang of it, they are committed to providing exceptional quality in great designs.

The classic men’s brief is designed to offer full coverage for the back. It’s raised at the front, such that the leg openings start at the thighs and extend down the genital patch in a Y-shape that leaves most of the thigh uncovered but fully covers what’s necessary. Briefs are held in place by an elastic waistband and are designed to be high-rise, mid-rise or low-rise. Two of the biggest advantages about wearing briefs are that 1) they do not ride up or bunch at the middle, causing discomfort and 2) they offer excellent support for the genitals. Boxer shorts, defined by their loose fit, mimic regular shorts in design. Unlike briefs, boxer shorts cover the entire thigh and have their leg openings cut straight. They come with a front fly and can be held up by a gathered elastic waistband or drawstrings. Boxer shorts are truly comfortable, so comfortable that even the ladies are wearing them. The only downside with this type of men’s underwear is that they are not appropriate for wearing with tight/fitting pants and do not offer any support for the genitals.

Boxer briefs are a cross between briefs and boxer shorts. They give you the best of both worlds, ensuring maximum support for the genitals and offering you a good fit that feels comfortable. They reach mid thigh and hug your hips in a cozy grab quite unlike the loose cover of the boxer short. You can wear boxer briefs with any kind of bottoms without worrying about them causing discomfort after a few hours, bunching or rising. Men’s thongs feature a frontal patch and sac-like pouch that holds the genitals in place. A thick strip of fabric goes round and down the back, leaving the thighs and back bare. The male g-string offers the least coverage both at the front and back, holding the genitals in a pocket and extending in the form of a string to the back and down. It does not cover the sides or the back. The male bikini covers the back fully and extends to the front in a pocket-like patch that keeps the genitals covered but leaves the sides and thighs completely open. Men’s bikinis, thongs and g-strings are sexy underwear options for romantic and kinky nights. Some men enjoy wearing then because they’re different. There is a thrill that comes with walking in town knowing that, beneath your garments is an item that defies everything that is traditional about man’s inner-wear.

Gone are the days when men only had one type of underwear to strap on from day to day. There was no variety, no choice, no additional options. Today, it’s a whole different ball game, and men can choose from regular men’s briefs and boxer shorts to boxer briefs, trunks and even g-strings, bikinis and thongs, all available in Saudi Arabia. These last three without a doubt were inspired by the ladies’ version of the same and are proving quite popular in some male circles.

Popular brands available in Riyadh are Jack & Jones, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Calvin Klein, etc.

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