Where To Buy Sleepwear in Saudi Arabia

The essence of sleepwear is to ensure that you sleep comfortably and as freely as possible. All sleepwear is inherently designed to offer both and when it comes down to choosing between any two items of sleepwear, it becomes a matter of personal style and preference. Saudi Arabia lingerie and clothing stores supply a wide variety of sleepwear for men, women and children. Shopping in any of the stores in the capital Riyadh or major cities like Jeddah, Al Madinah, Damman, Dhahran, Al Khobar or Makkah will bring you face to face with the world’s finest sleepwear. Sourced both locally and from renowned sleepwear manufacturers, these articles are built for optimal function and are guaranteed to ensure a comfortable experience while you sleep.

Men’s sleepwear, largely comprising of t-shirts, sleeper shirts, bottoms, shorts, pyjamas and robes, come in a wide variety of designs. Choose from available luxurious designer brands if you’re after exquisite stitching in the finest cotton. The broad product range available here means that you can get exclusive high-end sleepwear designs, limited edition selections, affordable sleepwear and everything in-between.

For the ladies, tons of sleepwear options exist, indeed far more than what the men can ever dream of wearing. From nighties and negligees to full nightgowns, slips, chemise, corsets, baby dolls, pyjamas and robes, every woman can choose whatever sleepwear they feel most comfortable in. Go for the flimsiest negligee or chemise for romantic nights or opt for a warm sleeper shirt or pyjamas for extra warmth and comfort. This wide variety of sleepwear products makes it possible for women to own more than one type of sleep attire. Many will have a pyjama set or nightgown that offers modest coverage on occasions when it’s needed and a short, sexy nightie for intimate moments.

Children need to sleep light too, much as it is important to keep them warm at all times. Any of the matching pyjama sets will delight your child. Pick a set in their favorite cartoon character or super hero to make the sleepwear even more special. Older children will appreciate pyjama shorts and tees. Some collections come in a set of three, complete with a sleeping gown.

Cotton is the most preferred sleepwear material because of its breathable factor. It is also quite soft next to the skin and is comfortable to wear for many hours. Silk, the darling of all sleepwear materials, is the best choice of material for combined luxury and comfort. Its high cost does make it a tad expensive though but of you can afford it, it is a very worthy buy. Other materials commonly used to make sleepwear are rayon, satin, linen, flannel, lace and sheer fabric, all renowned for their soft texture and comfortable feel.

Give your family fond sleep time memories with the funky and playful sleepwear sold in Saudi Arabia. Every sleepwear category is represented at the clothing stores here. Whether you’re looking for loose and comfortable pyjamas, gowns or sleep shirts; or you prefer something more sensual, you’ll find it among the showcased collections.

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