Where To Go For Stylish Furniture in Montreal

Montreal furniture and home decor

Montréal is the capital city of French speaking Québec, and as such, it is widely considered as the largest French-speaking city outside France. Visiting this bustling city will make you feel like you travelled to Europe as the whole city has that distinguished French feeling to it. No wonder, when looking for quality furniture here you will also get to meet lots of French names and original French furniture too. Let’s see some of the most outstanding examples to the furniture offer of Montréal.

Espace Cote Sud – 4412 Saint Laurent Boulevard
This is a very luxurious store located at the most elegant downtown boulevard of Montréal, which has a large portfolio containing lots of elite places, hotels and restaurants on the list. Headed by Canadian French entrepreneur Alain Forcioli Espace Cote Sud offers unique designs, and as it is a very high profile place, we suggest this place for the purchase of one or two key pieces to alight your home.

Latitude Nord – 4400 Saint Laurent Boulevard
The motto of Latitude Nord says that they believe in the passion for acquiring quality without compromise and they are right. The store is one of the most popular modern furniture and home decor sellers of Montréal. The store offers an overly attractive collection of the hottest designs, all of which come from Europe, from countries like France, Italy, the Scandinavian countries or Switzerland, all furniture design hubs. No matter what sort of furniture you are looking for you will find it here. With lots of eco-friendly and multi-purpose deigns Latitude Nord is a very exclusive place, but it is more than worth visiting, if only for one or two key pieces.

Celadon Collection – 186 Peel Street
Celadon offers premiere quality furniture focusing on a rather classic style of wooden furniture, of course with all the necessary adaptations taken for the piece to be make it also modern in the same time. The specialty of the store is in its beautiful leather sofas that can be part of any elegant flat or even office. You also should check out the awesome accessories such as the mirrors and lighting instruments.

Mobilier Avant-Scene – 600 Place de la Cathedrale
When you feel it is about time to refresh or renovate your flat and add a bit of a colour, Avant Scene is the perfect choice for you. Offering primarily avant-garde style furniture, you ought to check out also the kitchen furniture and the wardrobe compilations in here. The store offers multiple brands in its large showroom, including lots of Italian furniture and it’s a great choice to go for when you are looking for just something nice and refreshing in your home.

Montreal Digs – online
This website is currently the biggest online portal for selling goods. The good thing in it is, that it’s for individuals offering one or few pieces of vintage or antique furniture for a good price and where you can haggle. If you are a vintage fan, you should not miss visiting Montreal Digs.

De Lacroix Design – 5333 Casgrain suite 108
Offering just everything a home would need De Lacroix Design is a handy place to visit as it has an extensive variety of modern contemporary furniture for an affordable price and they also have a lovely selection of lighting instruments ad further accessories. Coming up with regular sales and extra offers, De Lacroix Design is a place you should definitely visit when wanting to furnish your home.

Montreal has so many places more on offer when it comes to home furniture and decoration. We have intentionally left out the big all-Canadian brands in order to focus on the local stores but you can also get to visit the big showrooms of Urban Barn, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel or Moe’s Furniture.

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