Where To Rent A Car in Abu Dhabi

Is it possible for you to find a car rental in Abu Dhabi? If this is the first time you will be traveling to U.A.E’s capital, you can be able to tour the city using private transportation. If you don’t have any friends or relatives living in the place yet, why not rent yourself a car? With this, you can explore the city better.

Car rentals are very easy to find in Abu Dhabi. All you have to worry about is the money you are going to pay for the rentals. This, however, should not be too much of a problem. A lot of car rental shops offer discounted or very cheap prices. Usually, car rentals offer weekly deals. This will be very pertinent for you if you are just in the city for a week. If you plan to make your trip longer, then you can just extend the duration of your car rental deal.

If you are a tourist, you can book yourself a car even before your airplane’s noose touches the airport’s grounds. A lot of car rental shops accept online bookings so this should make things a lot easier for you. If not, you can always check the car rental shops once you arrive. There are a lot of rent-a-car shops that you can find at the Abu Dhabi airport. Or if you are already in the city, you can also check other shops there.

The booking process is very easy. You just give out some personal information, make a reservation and confirm it, and then you can collect your car on your confirmed date. After that, you can have your fun exploring the scenic places in Abu Dhabi.

Remember that car rentals in Abu Dhabi are into making deals. So if you are a newcomer, don’t be afraid to make deals; doing this will let you get the best car that you want in a very cheap price. Some shops offer specific discounts for weekends, long-term use or short-term use. Take advantage of these special deals. You will be a happier and wealthier traveler if you will.

What types of car do you want? From ordinary cars, coaches, limousines to buses, you can have it. If you check the Internet, you can find lists of car rental shops that you can choose from. Some offer every type of car, some offer limousines only and there are also other that only offer Mercedes-Benz cars. It’s up to you to take your pick depending on your budget. You can get their phone numbers on their websites so you can just call them or go directly to the address mentioned which is also listed in their website.

If you are working in Abu Dhabi, you can get corporate rates, which is offered by car rentals to your company. This is relatively cheaper than renting a car privately. You can start at AED1500-AED2000 for small cars. This rate already includes maintenance and CWD which is intended for accidents.

So you see, renting a car in Abu Dhabi is not that difficult. Although a car rental in Abu Dhabi may cost a little more, you can still save up because gas prices here are comparatively lower than in most first world countries.

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