Asia’s Best Medical Tourism Destination

Singapore is today a well-known medical tourism destination for cosmetic surgery. With all the top surgeons the country has to offer, cosmetic surgery has become a trend not only among middle-aged but especially among young people who want to enhance or change their looks. Let us see how cosmetic surgery in Singapore is and what the trends are that have shaped it.

In Singapore, which is the meeting point of all sorts of trends coming from all over the world, especially Hong Kong films and K-pop stars, a growing number of young women want to look even better and more beautiful and they are ready to pay for it. Therefore, in the past decade, there have been an increasing number of Plastic surgery clinics that have been opening in Singapore in order to attract those people who previously went to Korea to have their first cosmetic surgery procedure.

When it comes to Asia, there are huge numbers of young women who do not like their natural features and want to alter them in order to look better. Most of these features are results of racial characteristics, which include naturally smaller single-eyelid eyes, a flatter face and a round-face too. Today, many plastic surgery clinics have specialised services in order to enhance their profile by raising the bridge of their nose, creating a double eye-lid in order to create bigger eyes and reconstructing the jaw-line in order to make round face more oval. Naturally, liposuction and breast enlargement procedures also count as the most sought-for treatments.

Of course, Singapore offers its cosmetic surgery treatments for everyone from all across the world. The city today is a top destination in the guides of those agencies, which provide full medical holiday services for clients in all the top destinations of plastic surgery. Let us see some of the top cosmetic surgery clinics in Singapore:

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic: Situated on the top of famous Paragon Shopping Mall along Orchard Road, this cosmetic surgery today is among the top clinics in Singapore. Led by Dr. Martin Huang, the clinic provides its customers with all the best and most sought-after treatments.

The Sloane Clinic: Award winner of several quality awards in the UK, the Sloane Clinic is among the most respected cosmetic surgery clinics of the city with a wide variety of both non-invasive and invasive treatments.

Alaxis: This clinic is among the most promoted clinics of Singapore due to all the bloggers that the clinic sponsored for featuring their treatments. Dr. Donald Ng, who holds international experience and certificates, leads the clinic. The clinic is among the highest-visited cosmetic surgeries in Singapore.

Privé: Another clinic that uses bloggers promotions to its advantage is Privé. They offer various skin treatments, namely Obagi skin enhancing and whitening treatments and a nice variety of Botox and other aesthetic treatments. Privé does not do invasive cosmetic surgery treatments but deals with a wide range of non-invasive ones such as hair removal, lip filling, liquid facelift and medical training.

Raffles Medical Group: This is one of the biggest cosmetic surgery clinics of Singapore with some of the widest array of medical treatments.

Check out these above-mentioned cosmetic surgery clinics and their services. The prices here are quite high but compared to the US and European standards, they are still considered low. If you feel you need rejuvenation during your holidays, do not miss visiting one of the above clinics for more information.

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