Popular Aesthetic Surgeons of Singapore

Singapore is a great city for undergoing cosmetic surgery. We represent you with some of the most popular aesthetic surgeons and clinics that are the best quality in Singapore due to the high quality work of its plastic surgeons.

The Sloane Clinic: with its seven leading aesthetic surgeons, each one being specialised in specific areas of cosmetic surgery, the Sloane Clinic widely counts as the best aesthetic surgery clinic in Singapore. Having 5 clinics all across Singapore, the Sloane clinic has an extremely wide array of services on offer, which include both aesthetic but also laser and cosmetic treatments. Sloane Clinic has its own Spa, Club and a great diet exchange community in order not only to make the body look nice, but also to affect the soul of its patients in a great way. Sloane Clinic has no specialisation as they do just everything in terms of plastic surgery. Their treatments, specifically aiming to change racial features and body contours are extremely popular.

Dr. Marco’s Clinic: with the leading of Dr. Marco Correia, this clinic is one of the many that have moved here, in order to encourage beauty through cosmetic surgery. Dr. Marco arrived in Singapore from Brazil, another country, which is a well-known hub for plastic surgery, and today he operates clinics in both countries. Dr Marco and its company of specialised aesthetic surgeons do all the popular surgeries, specifically targeting endoscopic liposuction and breast enlargement procedures.

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic: Situated on the top of Paragon Shopping Mall along Orchard Road, led by Dr. Martin Huang, who is one of the most famous aesthetic surgeons in the country, this clinic is very popular of its diverse array of specialised aesthetic and reconstruction surgery methods, which include lower face surgery, the corrections of defects on face or on body and also the rejuvenation of women’s genitals. The clinic is also famous for its privacy, with private waiting areas and with separate entrance and exit room. This clinic is also perhaps the most expensive clinic in Singapore, due to the large fame of Dr. Huang.

Alaxis Clinic: Alaxis is a relatively new clinic with a team of both local and international aesthetic surgeons offering diverse services to its clients from Botox and cosmetics to jaw-line reshaping, facial slimming, a great deal of eye surgery including lower and upper eyelid surgery, removing of dark circles and undereye bags. Alaxis Clinic is well-known for its professional advertisement work, which made it to become one of the most advertised clinics in Singapore.

Privé: another well-advertised cosmetic surgery clinic with an experienced team of aesthetic surgeons Privé rather concentrates on smaller therapies such as Botox treatments, breast enlargement, depigmentation (skin whitening) and of their Ultrashape body-contouring program. As you can see almost all cosmetic surgery clinic has its own specialisation. Next to the upper mentioned clinics, there are also several hospitals in Singapore, which offer quality plastic surgery with the help of highly qualified aesthetic surgeons.

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