Plastic Surgery in Singapore

Plastic surgery has become increasingly trendy in Singapore. Although the treatments are super expensive, most young women here become so fixated about enhancing their looks, that many clinics have clients as young as 18 years old. Let’s  see what caused such a boom for plastic surgeries in Singapore and which are the most visited clinics in the city.

Singapore is currently the top ten most-visited cities in the world in terms of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Let us look at the reason that has caused this trend in Singapore and why plastic surgery procedures are so popular in the city. This boom on plastic surgery market of Singapore is mainly the result of Hong Kong film stars and Korean Pop stars, out of which many of the latter have also undergone plastic surgery to perfect their outlooks. Today’s younger generation of Singapore desperately looks to be more beautiful and is ready to spend huge amounts of money for doing so. Clients for Botox treatments or lip injections are as young as 18 years old. There are several articles published on the fake promotion of clinics, offering quick and pain-free treatments to undergo during lunchtime, many of which result in great pain for those who opt to choose them. Currently in Asia, Korea and Thailand are the two highest-visited countries in terms of plastic surgery. Today more and more Korean clinics come to open their subsidiary in Singapore due to the huge interest in plastic surgery. Singapore decided to join this competition in order to keep more clients to have plastic surgery rather at home.

As in Singapore, it is against the law for any beauty clinic or cosmetic surgery to show “before-after” photos in terms of promotion. Cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics have to use other methods for advertising, which includes sponsoring some bloggers in return for them making photos and even videos of their own plastic surgery procedures. Bloggers in this case are sponsored by the clinics. Plastic surgeries such as Privé and Alaxis both deal with the sponsoring of bloggers and in return feature their services and actual surgeries in their blogs.

Next to plastic surgery though, most clinics offer non-invasive treatments such as Botox and OBAGI treatments that are extremely popular among women to get. Obagi is currently the next best thing in Asia, widely promoted among the best skin products in the whole world. Coming in form or crèmes and serums or combined with laser and other methods, Obagi produces great results. OBAGI products are used to heal problematic skin such as one with acne, open pores and have skin-lightening characteristics too.

We suggest you to go for the non-invasive treatments offered by clinics here, before deciding on undergoing the knife. In case you are sure, contact some of the best plastic surgery clinics in the city, which includes the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at Paragon, The Sloane Clinic, and Raffles Medical Group among others.

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