Most Dessired Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Singapore is the 10th most popular destination for cosmetic surgery and the reputation of the little country is just growing, when it comes to all sorts of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Let us see what is worth knowing about Singapore as a top destination for medical tourism.

Cosmetic surgery today is known under different names such as Aesthetic and plastic surgery. Singapore‘s fame as a top destination has started to grow on the effects of the rise of Korean plastic surgery. Although unknown for many people here, there are not many people more obsessed with their general looks than the Asian people are. The reply to the question lies in the trend and in the classic racial features that causes so many women and even men to want cosmetic surgery to change or enhance their features in an artificial way. Many Asian women do suffer from the effects of their Asian eyes that are naturally smaller and have different form than of the Caucasian eyes. In addition, most Asians are born with a naturally flatter face, which also make them want a more enhanced profile than it is natural.

For Asians, several cosmetic surgery procedures are obtained from quite a young age these days, especially on the effect of the plastic superstars of K-Pop. K-Pop stars’ artificially enhanced features brought many young people to want to look perfect and this resulted in an extreme rise in terms of plastic surgery, first in Korea, then in Singapore. Today’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for Asian women include the following:

Non-Invasive treatments:
• Botox is injected under the skin; it fills up wrinkles and widely used for lip enhancement.
• Skin whitening procedures are uncommon to Westerners who would rather want a tanned look. In Asia, white skin counts as an ultimate sign of beauty from long ago and thousands of women use all sorts of different treatments to have their skin lightened. Lots of Asian skin whitening crèmes and treatments are extremely popular in India, the Saudi continent and in Africa too.

Invasive treatments:
• Eyelid surgery is done to remove the Mongolian eyelid and create the Caucasian double eyelid that has a dramatic effect when it comes to the enlarging of the eyes. Most Asian stars, we can see today, has gone through an eye-lid surgery and it is immensely popular throughout Singapore.
• Nose job: Although Asians have smaller nose, they tend to dislike its shape. Today more and more women opt for a nose that makes their profile enhanced.
• Changing of face-form: Many Asian women have a naturally circle-shaped and simply fuller face that they want to change.
• Breast enlargement: Another racial feature, Asian women have naturally very small breasts that they would like to enhance.
• Liposuction: Like all women of the world, Asians want to look slim, especially around the tight and bottom area. In addition, many women opt for a liposuction of their upper arms.

These are some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for people who are opting for plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Singapore. For men, the most popular procedure is getting hair implants. Check out and contact the best Singapore cosmetic surgeries before travelling.

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