Banking in Abu Dhabi

Banking in Abu Dhabi has become more convenient. There are now several other ways by which you could do banking transactions, besides traditional banking.

One is PC banking. PC banking is actually not new in Abu Dhabi. It has been in existence for over twenty years already. In PC banking, your bank provides you with a software which you must install to your PC, then with simply a modem and a telephone line, you can have access to your bank account.

Another banking option in Abu Dhabi is phone banking. As its name suggests, phone banking enables you to transact your business easily via phone. You can monitor your account balances and even transfer funds to another account simply by calling your bank’s secured customer service hotline.

Finally, there’s what you call internet banking, the latest breakthrough in banking technology. Internet banking requires a web browser and internet connection. Different banks may offer different online services. Generally, however, the following services are almost always available in every bank – transfer of funds from one account to another, bills payment, and balance inquiry. You can also take a look at your credit card statements and view direct deposits, and so on.

For years, though, internet banking has been viewed rather negatively. Reportedly, someone was able to find access to other people’s online accounts. In the event that you would like to use this service, as much as possible, open an account with highly regarded banks in Abu Dhabi. There are quite a lot of them, actually, and many of them, such as Bank of America Abu Dhabi, Citibank Abu Dhabi, HSBC Bank Abu Dhabi, Standard Chartered Bank Abu Dhabi, are among the top banks in the world. So always consider opening an account with these banks as they will not likely put a dent to their name, especially where security is concerned.

Nonetheless, internet banking has improved much through the years. Thousands of people in Abu Dhabi are now able to do their banking transactions through the internet without experiencing untoward circumstances. Thus, internet banking has become one of the best ways to do banking transactions in Abu Dhabi nowadays. There’s no more need for you to stay in line, waiting for your turn to be served, and no need to rush and beat the traffic just to make it to the bank on time. You can virtually access your account anytime, any day, and even anywhere.

A lot of people claim of having saved much upon enrolling themselves in the online banking facilities of their banks because they do not have to write cheques to pay their bills – they can do it online. They can also save on gas because they do not have to go to the bank to complete their transactions – again, they can do it online, right in their own homes.

However, despite the convenience of online banking, there are some people who may still conservatively choose to go to a physical bank. If you are one of these people, here are some things to know about banks in Abu Dhabi. Banking hours from Saturday to Wednesday begin at eight in the morning up to one in the afternoon. On Thursday, banks usually close an hour earlier.

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