Blush – The Sexy Lingerie Brand

If you are looking for sensual and overly sexy lingerie, than Blush is a lingerie brand to check out for you. Providing exceptional underwear for women since 1988 the Canadian brand has really become successful over the past decades and nothing can prove this fact more, than its growing international presence that can also be felt in Singapore. Let us check out Blush this time alongside its presence in Singapore.

Founder of Blush the Québec-Canadian Edward N. Ajmo was no stranger to the world of fashion even before the founding of Blush brand as he was the founder of a successful clothes company called Niki Flu that has been operating in over 1000 stores in Canada. When this brand was eventually sold, Mr. Ajmo has decided to create another great brand, with an entirely different vision, in order to serve the needs for all those women who want to look sexy and desirable while feeling comfortable in their lingerie. Blush was founded in 1988. The name was given to the brand to reflect the effect of its creations, as to “blush”. Today, Blush is still a family business based in Montréal managed by the son and daughter of Edward Ajmo, namely Tiffany and Justin who are managing the business since 2001. Blush has great promotional campaigns and works with a strong team of designers and photographers.

Blush is working with the finest fabrics and designs creating lingerie and underwear for all shape and body type Blush is producing lingerie only for women to this day. The other great point of buying Blush is, that it is much cheaper than its competitors giving it a definite edge on the international lingerie market. Blush does not name its collections it rather works with seasonal sets and releases. The first store of Blush opened in 1999 and today it has expanded to almost all the big cities in the world.

As per the philosophy of Blush, a great set of underwear is the key to keep any successful relationships and marriages and indeed the brand is very popular and has a huge and still growing international fanbase.

Blush is selling its collections through international retails and over the internet. And if the modestly sexy collections of the main site would not be enough, the brand has a sub-site where you can get to see their specials, containing extra sexy lingerie, not for everyday wear. Next to being widely available to shop online, Blush is also very active in the social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Blush has two single label stores in Singapore, both of which are very well-visited by locals and tourists likewise. Their big store is located in the luxury shopping centre called Paragon Shopping Mall located along Orchard Road while their second store is not too far located inside Tampines Mall at Tampines Central.

If you want to shop one or more great sets of seductive yet comfortable lingerie and underwear, then do not hesitate to visit one of the stores of Blush in Singapore.

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