Building a Career in Abu Dhabi

Are you wondering if there are suitable jobs for you in Abu Dhabi? Thinking of a possible employment in the United Arab Emirates? Interested in knowing the ins and outs of working in this Arab country?

Abu Dhabi, in general, is a nice place to build a career but there are several things that one might find very different compared to other countries.. There are many jobs that are suitable for all nationalities both skilled and unskilled. However, there are several things that should very well be understood when choosing to find an employment in Abu Dhabi.

Salaries are usually fixed for both skilled and unskilled workers. There are part time jobs that offer wages on a per hour basis but there are certain restrictions like your visa must allow you to have part time jobs. Expatriates hold a visa that is usually sponsored by their employer. So your working visa is dependent on your employment. It is for this reason that you are required to stick to what your contract with your employer states including salary, restrictions and contract duration. You are not allowed to work for anybody except for the company who sponsored your visa. If caught working for another company, the consequences are serious.

Nationality affects the employment as well as skills and abilities. If you are looking for jobs in Abu Dhabi, you must be willing to work the whole day. Employment in the emirates requires long hours of work, a different working schedule (Friday is a non-working day because it is the day of prayer for Muslims), flexibility in schedule, ability to adapt to the culture and ability work with people across different nationalities.

The UAE government is now implementing Emiratisation in almost all jobs. They are giving their locals priorities when it comes to job placement. This makes finding an employment quite difficult and challenging. But if you have the skills and the talents, finding a good job is not impossible at all. The key is that you must be willing to pour a lot of your time and effort to your job. Working schedules differ from one company to another.

Abu Dhabi, or the United Arab Emirates per se, is famous for its unique building constructions and amazing architecture. Its skyscrapers are starting to be well-known all over the world. Indeed, construction companies are one of the best targets when looking for potential employment. Construction companies hire individuals who have skills in Autocad. They also hire secretaries, personal assistants, accountants, receptionists aside from engineers, architects, interior specialists and many others.

Other fields where people can find jobs in Abu Dhabi are hotels and restaurants businesses, sales, marketing, web designing, communications and trading businesses. Choosing to be employed in a company may require you to transfer your visa to your employer. Benefits vary depending on your position or depending on the stability of the company. Competition is always present especially between nationalities but it is always your skill that counts.

Finding jobs and employment in Abu Dhabi may differ from person to person, sometimes depending on a company’s desired nationality and the language you speak. Job listings are posted in magazines, local newspapers and the internet. Employers usually state in their ads their specific preferences for manpower. There are also some recruitment companies and manpower hunters who aid people in finding jobs.

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