Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Singapore

Due to the extremely growing trend of obtaining various aesthetic surgeries, a high number of cosmetic surgery clinics operate in Singapore. Let us look at some of the most important clinics together with their specialisation in our article.

Over the past decades, Singapore has become a major medical tourism destination for all the visitors who would like to obtain aesthetic or reconstructive surgery here for a good price. Although prices of cosmetic surgery clinics in Singapore are not considered the lowest in the Asian region, the high quality of treatments make up for this. The overall price range of Singapore is still low, when it comes to comparing them with the prices in the United States or Western Europe. These days, many agencies offer international all-inclusive holiday packages where people can obtain cosmetic surgery.

Sloane Clinic: Sloane Clinic operates in 5 clinics in the area of Singapore which makes it perhaps the biggest cosmetic surgery clinic in the country. The clinic was awarded multiple times for its top quality services, both in terms of aesthetic surgery and in terms of other cosmetic skin and body treatments. The variety of treatments offered by Sloane clinic is extremely wide, from face-lifts to breast surgery. In the same time, you can also get to choose from the high profile skin peels and Obagi skin lightening and skin perfecting treatments.

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic: operated by Dr. Huang, who is probably the most popular plastic surgeon of Singapore, this clinic, located on the top of Paragon Shopping mall offers a huge variety of aesthetic surgery treatments, many of this special in their area, such as vaginal rejuvenation or lower face surgery. This clinic also offers restoration surgery services to restore any sort of deformation to an original form. The clinic also offers cosmetic treatments and Obagi skin rejuvenation treatments.

John Tan Plastic Surgery Website: Dr. John Tan is one of the top plastic surgeons of Singapore who has his own practice but also practicing in various hospitals too. Dr. Tan’s clinic uses great methods and quality services and has wide range of cosmetic surgery treatments. You can schedule an appointment here only through the website.

Eileen Tan Cosmetic Surgery and Hair restoration services: Dr. Eileen Tan is one of Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s top surgeons on her field and has her own praxis, where she deals with dermatology and cosmetic services which include hair transplant and restoration, skin rejuvenating injections, chemical peels and other cosmetic treatments.

Alaxis: Alaxis is one of the highly advertised cosmetic surgery clinics of Singapore, which deals with lots of surgery treatments, ranging from Botox to liposuction. The clinic gives high quality services and sponsors several bloggers, to advertise its treatments.

Dr. Marco’s cosmetic surgery clinic: Dr. Marco Faria Correa is first in line of those highly experienced Brazilian plastic surgeons that opened a practice also in Singapore. Considering the importance of Brazil in terms of aesthetic surgery, we can really offer this clinic, when it comes to breast or buttock implants, liposuction and nose jobs.

These are only some of the many cosmetic surgery clinics, which operate in Singapore today. It is rumoured that ITEM Korea’s largest cosmetic surgery clinic is soon to open its subsidiary in Singapore. The Korean surgery caters thousands of patients arriving from Singapore each year. Until then, do not forget to check out the above-mentioned Singapore clinics for their great cosmetic surgery services.

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