Cosmetic Surgery Rates in Singapore

Cosmetic surgery, although being the youngest line of surgery methods, is also the most profitable surgery in the world, especially when it comes to the fact, that a much larger number of people undergo cosmetic surgery, than general surgery. If you visit the websites of most cosmetic surgeries anywhere in the world, the most likes is, that you will not meet any enlisting of cosmetic surgery rates there. This fact has multiple explanations, mainly the fact that due to being heavily customised, it is extremely difficult at times for plastic surgeons to create a general pricelist for its services. Let us see in our article, where does Singapore stand in terms of cosmetic surgery rates.

In the past decades, there have been several medical tourism destinations, which really grew out to become cosmetic surgery hubs for international travellers with English speaking staff provided in great packages. This means you will get a room at a top quality hotel, possibly by the sea, in order to enjoy vacations to the fullest, even though you have to spend considerate amount of time in your room post-surgery. Several international medical travel agencies offer great packages with inviting cosmetic surgery rates to the tourists. Some of these agencies include Makeover Vacations, Gorgeous Getaways, Beautiful Holidays and Surgery Holidays. These agencies are based mostly in the US or in the UK, two countries which are famous for their notoriously high cosmetic surgery rates and they offer cosmetic surgery packages to all the top cosmetic surgery destinations of the world, which includes Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Spain and Singapore.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery rates, the surprising truth is that cosmetic surgery is not cheaper in Singapore than in the expensive destinations from where tourists arrive. Yet in packages, you can find some great deals that will turn out to be cheaper, together with a quality holidays, than staying back home and undergo surgery there. Of course, cosmetic surgery rates greatly depend on the fame and the quality of a medical centre. Some years ago, Singapore women went rather to South Korea, to get a treatment that was half the price of a Singapore surgery, even with the plane ticket. The renowned plastic surgery of Dr. Huang on the top of Paragon Shopping Mall is sure to invoice you double the amount of rate, which you would get at a hospital or at a smaller clinic. Luckily, today, Singapore aesthetic surgeries are so diverse, that today, you do not have to spend a fortune on a treatment and there are several payment plans as well, to make payment easier for customers.

Comparative table of cosmetic surgery rates in SGD:
Singapore SGD$4,000-8,000
Korea SGD$2,500-10,000
Taiwan: SGD$3,000-8,000
Thailand: SGD$1,000-2,000
Indonesia: SGD$2,500-5,000
Philippines: SGD$1,000-2,500

However, we do not suggest you to choose a clinic for its low prices, because low price often get to the quality in a bad way. You can check out quality places like the Raffles Hospital or the Singapore General Hospital, both of them offering a diverse range of medical services for much friendlier cosmetic surgery rates. Always be careful, as unlike most international plastic surgeries, in Singapore they may invoice you even for the first informative appointment. So, always ask before booking the first appointment.

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