Ecotourism in South Africa

There are many countries, which are still in the developing phase, and so, is their population. One such country is South Africa that is facing poverty at a higher verge. To alleviate poverty and give a new direction to its people, the concept of ecotourism was brought into the picture. The natural resources and second home of animals has made this place a big tourist spot.

The Eco friendly forests and scenic beauty of South Africa attracts foreign tourists to visit here and give birth to new opportunities for the local and regional people living there. South Africa has a vast ecotourism for tourists coming here so, have a look at it.
Wild Safari National Parks are a simulation of the jungles of South Africa and take good care of animals and their natural habitat. The extinct and rarely seen species can be seen here. These national parks maintain the ecological sustainability of the environment and animals of South Africa. National parks like Kruger Park Wildlife Safari, Addo Elephant National Park, Augrabies Falls National Park, Camdeboo National Park, Karoo National Park, etc. These parks not only generate varied employment opportunities for the people of South Africa but are also known for their giant animals and the maintenance of their habitat.

South Africa has shown tremendous development in ecotourism in the last few years. The pleasant weather of South Africa not only opens doors for tourists throughout the year but it also generates foreign reserve. As the number of opportunities and visit of tourists is increasing day by day, so are the employment opportunities for the local citizens of South Africa.

South Africa is rich in its beautiful landscapes and wealthy animal and plant life. Tourists come here to enjoy the lovely weather with their family and friends and experience the natural beauty here. As it is a developing country, a large segment of local people of this country are below the poverty line, so tourism has become one of the major sectors which can help the country and its people to develop.

The adventure parks and theme parks are a part of ecotourism because they also contribute to this sector to a greater extent. Because of the rich heritage of museums and national parks, South Africa has become one of the most preferred tourist destinations of the world.

The government is trying hard to promote ecotourism in South Africa. This country has succeeded to make a good image around the world because of its rich heritage and ecotourism spots. As the country is trying to prevent poverty and helping its people to come up with the situation, it has also become a mark of proud for other countries.

The concept of ecotourism is a very healthy concept for any country. A country like South Africa is not only generating revenues for its people but the Government is also trying to conserve the environment and improving the standard of living of the people. Therefore, every country should try to do the same.

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