Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

The number of clinics in Singapore is on the rise and so is the number of clients, who go to acquire plastic surgery treatment from quite an early age. One of the top procedure is eyelid surgery with several variants. Let us take a look at eyelid surgery and the leading clinics in Singapore.

If you happen to watch a Chinese, Hong Kong or Korean movie, you will suddenly find that most of the stars, be they men or women, have bigger eyes than of the normal Asian people. It is because they all went through a double eyelid surgery. Asian race, especially women feel that their racial heritage, which gifted them with the so-called Mongolian features with the almond shaped eyes, is as much a gift as a curse. Thanks to the Asian eyes’ different characteristics, for Asians, the double eyelid is completely covered and hided with skin, which makes Asian people’s eyes look naturally smaller with several of them even having difficulty to open their eyes to a full extent, as the big eyelid has an effect as if it was pushing eyes together. Luckily, from quite an early time, Asians have found the best necessary treatment to cure this problem and this is called eyelid surgery.

Upper Eyelid Surgery:
During eyelid surgery, a great deal of excessive skin is removed from the area located right above the eyes. With the radical tightening of skin there, eyes will seem naturally larger for everyone. As Singapore is specifically full of Asians with the suiting characteristics, today eyelid surgery is almost a must for all girls of younger generation who simply want bigger eyes this way. Although the surgery is extremely expensive to be done by Singaporean standards, eyelid surgery is done for thousands of patients yearly.

Eyelid surgery has two main subtypes yet if patient wishes these could be done as one complex surgery as well. During the upper eyelid surgery, the excess skin will be removed, to give way to the real curves right under the eyes and make the eyelid fully visible. This is a surgery solely intended for people with Asian racial characteristics. During the surgery usually only local anaesthesia will be applied. Post surgery bruising of the skin depends on the texture and strength of the skin around the eyelids.

Lower Eyelid Surgery:
It aims to remove the bags from under the eye and it is a general surgical procedure that is intended for people of the older age group. The results speak for themselves with the eyes appearing years, if not a decade younger.

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