Face Slimming in Singapore

Singapore has a world-leading role in cosmetic surgery due to their non-stop development of current cosmetic surgery procedures. Singapore has created pioneering techniques for face slimming as well and you can get to find the newest technologies applied at the cosmetic surgeries of the county. Let us see what is face-slimming and what sorts of technologies are applied in order to create an attractive outcome.

Face slimming is also called face contouring technique and since its implication in Singapore, it has been a great success, generating extreme profit for cosmetic surgeries. The reason for face slimming is very simple. A high percentage of South East Asian people have the face, what is generally called “Moon-face” meaning round and generally fleshy faces which are also quite flat due to the racial characteristics of Asian people. Naturally, many women, who have Moon face would like to change their face form, for it to become more pear or oval shaped, in order to give extra characteristic to the face and to make it look simply more elegant. Since the appearance of face slimming, there has been a real movement in the circles of Asian women to undergo such face contouring surgery, which has several sub-types.

First stage of face slimming is also called Jaw shaping surgery which will change the shape of the jaw, to create a less round or square effect to the face. Then comes the injecting of Botox at certain territories on the face in order to make the profile more out-standing. This is reached with injections or even implants on the nose and the chin. Another way of face slimming is reached by Buccal Fat Pad removal which means, that a large amount of fat will be taken out from the lower face area to create a slimmer effect. Face slimming or lower face slimming can be reached also with the slight pushing together of jawbones, making the muscles weaker in the area, to create a slimmer effect.

Face slimming has great success in Singapore thanks to its visible effects on the face. Quite often face slimming also involves wrinkle corrections with the help of Botox or facelift methods. Lip and chin and cheek augmentations further help in creating the slimmer lower face effect in many cases. This surgery is also highly famous for not leaving visible scars on the outside of the face. All incisions will be made inside the mouth.

This is a complicated surgery, which means the healing time will also take a while. Although patients are encouraged to live their everyday life after a few days’ rest, they must wear the bands for weeks and extra pain can occur during the first few weeks of healing.

Due to this treatment requiring a huge expertise and experience there are not many Singapore Clinics that deal with face slimming. Singapore clinics who do face slimming with great success include Sloane Clinic, Alaxis and The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. We suggest you to make an appointment to discuss the pros and cons of face slimming surgery before deciding on undergoing the operation.

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