Famous Local Jewellers of Singapore

Jewellery has been famous for almost all the people in this world. Not only being important part of certain ceremonies, but also as part nowadays’ people’s fashion trend. Jewellery is not merely only in form of plain necklace or rings; the modern jewellery has been more attractive and has many variations of options to choose. Today’s jewellery has so many variations such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and many more. These earrings has also been developed; not only came with the piercing, the modern earrings provides the types which are more flexible to the users even you don’t have to pierce your ears to put on the earrings. The newest model will allow you to put on the earrings directly without any piercing thing. This also applied to modern jewellery as we have now.

As the biggest shopping country in Asia, Singapore may provide the visitors by not only giving the best places to stay on vacation, but also the best place to spend your money to get best quality products from inside or outside Singapore. As becomes the most visited country for shopping, of course Singapore gives its visitors shopping malls where sell best quality goods as well as the jewellery. You can find those fine best qualities of jewellery at some of Singapore’s well-known Jewellers spread nationwide. Some of the examples of jewellers in Singapore are Richard Hung Jeweller and Poh Seng Jeweller. Here are some of brief explanations of the jewellers.

The first one is Poh Seng Jeweller. Poh Seng Jeweller is an established retailer and wholesaler of fine gems, gold, and jade. As a third generation family-run business, Poh Seng Jeweller has been proven as experienced jewellery retailers with best quality the jewellery they sell. As a brief history of this jeweller, this jeweller was founded by jade dealer Tan Seng Toh in 1939 in North Bridge Road. the business soon expanded to a bigger and larger store until 1942 he changes the store’s name to Poh Seng Goldsmith to make it clear to the customers what store it is. On 1951, it changed the location to the more central 225 South Bridge Road and was incorporated as Poh Seng Jewellers Pte. Ltd in 1975 which was relocated again to the more central part of the city in 1995. The products it sells are mostly gemstones jewellery and also gold. The jewellery it sells are made of some kinds of materials such as yellow gold from 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, 14K, 9K; white gold of 18K and 9K; Platinum; and also some precious gemstones, diamonds, games, jade, and pearls. All of the jewellery this jeweller sold is in accordance to the standard of the Singapore Jewellers Association and has been awarded the seal of quality by Quality Jewellers of Singapore (QJS).

The second one is Richard Hung Jewellers. It is a well-known jeweller that offers superior quality diamond, pearls and gemstones jewellery whose price is so affordable. It is located at Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road. As the brief history, this company from the beginning was started as a small department store which was selling a wide selection of products, ranging from cameras, hi-fi stereo systems and watches, and also jewellery. However, due to the changes in the market and the growing passion of the beauty and elegance of jewellery, this company started to focus their trade to only jewellery trades.

The jewellery Richard Hung sells are in variety types such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. To attract more customers’ attention, Richard Hung sells not only plain jewellery, there are several of gemstones and material set to the jewellery. The gemstones attached to jewellery it sells are diamonds, pearls, and others precious gemstones. The gems it sells are not ordinary gems, they are the best and the superb quality of gems to please your need for fashion on your jewellery.

The pearl for example, all the pearls of Richard Hung sells are a wide selection of south sea pearls, black Tahiti pearls, and Japanese Akoya pearls. They are known as the best quality pearls all over the world. The diamonds of Richard Hung Jewellers are also top notch on its class. It serves diamonds from any classification from the I to D grades from the color on the high quality and O to J grades for the low ones, and IF to VS2 grades for the clarity.

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