Famous Parks in South Africa

If you are travelling to South Africa, you must make a travel list beforehand. South Africa can be said the reservoir of entertainment because of its rich tourist places and amusement parks.

Theme Parks – There are numerous theme parks in South Africa loved by kids and families. Theme parks have been one of the main attractions of South Africa that brings tourists to this place. The level of entertainment cannot be measured with fun rides and water parks. You can get to see various characters of your fantasies and cartoon movies here. These theme parks also give an introduction about the culture and traditions of South Africa with tribal dancing shows and much more.

Kruger Park Wildlife Safari – You can explore new things here with the flagship game reserve of Africa. You can get a chance to see the Mpumalanga province while reaching to the wildlife safari. You can get to see the giant animals living in their natural habitat. This is one of the amazing experiences of visiting this place. You can also relax at the Safari Hotel present in the park for any number of days of your vacation. There are guides, which can guide you and tell you about the animals and the rides available there.
South Africa Game Lodges – These lodges are made in the amusement parks and designed in a way that visitors can enjoy to the fullest. The game lodges in South Africa are designed with full facilities and luxuries. There are day and night game activities, which will keep you busy, and you can enjoy your vacation completely.

Addo Elephant National Park – This is a classic safari in South Africa which gives you the experience to watch the five giant elephants in the world. Most of the times, you can see elephants only and can understand their habitat and lifestyle.

Augrabies Falls National Park – This Park is famous for its scenic beauty and the rare animals. One will enjoy the natural beauty throughout the day and could get a chance to see the scarce animals here. Giraffe and leopard are some of the antelope species that can be seen there.

Camdeboo National Park – You can get to see the beautiful sceneries here and can have a full adventure with hiking. You can also get to see some herbivores and rarely found animals here.

Ithala Game Reserve – This is also a kind of classic safari, which will give you the experience of watching the rarest species of animals. Although the cheetah is very difficult to be seen, at times it might be a great watching experience.

Karoo National Park – You can see the black rhino and lion here. These giant animals are a delight to watch and children love to see them. So, you can plan your trip here.

Do not miss the chance to visit these places while going to South Africa. You will really enjoy a lot and will visit it again and again. You can now add South Africa to your travel map.

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