Find Sterling Silver Rings in Singapore

Singapore is a small area in which any industry and business will flourish well. It is because the city is known for its shopping attractions with the availability of hundreds boutiques and shopping malls which can be great places to find the best quality products of all. Shopping jewellery in Singapore will be challenging as well since there are so many jewellery stores providing many kinds of jewellery made from various materials at their best quality. Gold, silver, platinum, and even stainless steel jewellery is all available at their best prices, ranging from the lowest to the highest possibility of pricing. For people who are allergic to gold, silver can be a good alternative of jewellery material.

Silver has the shiniest white reflection and has particularly lower price than gold, although some rare collections may have the same price or even higher price than gold. Silver jewellery is not only pretty, but also durable if it is made from pure silver and handle with care. Since the popularity of silver is getting higher, jewellery manufacturer now produces various products of jewellery from the products of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and silver rings.

Silver ring is one of the most favorite products made of silver. As the pricing tends to be lower and the variation is the same wide as that from gold, the ring made from silver is often bought for souvenir, gift, or personal collection. The thing is that ring made of silver is good to wear even for every day occasion. People love to wear it in daily situation. People with gold allergic but longing to wear chic jewellery everyday have a good chance to wear silver ring to enhance their fashion statements. To find the best quality silver rings in Singapore, people may go to the below jewellery lines’ boutiques. Amazing collections of silver rings are waiting there.

Joy Jewellery
Meet the beautiful collections of silver jewellery made from carefully selected sterling silver from Italy and Indonesia. The prominent quality of silver is the key that makes Joy Jewellery is preferable to look for high end products of rings from silver. The brand which is established in 1996 has been dedicated itself to manufacture only high quality products of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Eugenie de Blecourt, the founding mother of the brand, made her own hand crafted jewellery with silver and developed the line of Joy Jewellery with her own strength. Passion and the spirit of craftsmanship are proven to be the best capitals that make the brand to be glorified in the Singaporean jewellery industry.

Heart to Heart Jewellery
To touch the customers’ hearts with the excellence of the Heart to Heart collections is the mission of the company. Established and originated from Singapore, the brand has become one of the most popular local jewellery brands. The brand specializes itself in classical and contemporary silver jewellery covering rings to earrings and also silver accessories. Using the best 925 silver, the set of jewellery is also available in jeweled collections using the selection gemstones with 18 carat white gold plat. Trendy and stylish designs are kept to make the customers spoil with the beauty of each piece of Heart to Heart jewellery.

Katmandoo Jeweller
No need to go to Nepal to witness the beauty of silverware from Katmandhu. If you are staying in Singapore, Katmandoo Jeweller is ready to serve you with the fine collections of silver rings and the other products of jewellery and accessories made by the high-skilled Nepal craftsmen. In the long history of Nepal tradition, making tine handicraft is one of the Nepal’s culture legacies. Therefore, Katmandoo jeweller tries to elevate the tradition and bring it to the more international society.

Fusion Jewellery
The silver jewellery made by Fusion is unquestionably great. The line is established with the belief that art works will be more perfect if the element of technology is involved in the process. Developing never ending innovation and creation, the brand always comes out with the great, unexpected silver jewellery made using the cutting edge technology and proprietary process. Very exclusive, unique, and authentic; the one of a kind collections by the brand will surely tempt people. Various stylish products are waiting to be found in the Fusion boutiques.

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