Getting Breast Surgery in Singapore

In Singapore, breast surgery is among the most favourite and mostly acquired surgeries. The great quality Singapore clinics are glad to assist both locals and tourists with their high quality breast surgery services. Let us see what sort of treatments is available today in Singapore for breast enlargement.

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is among the top acquired treatments also in Singapore. Thanks to the Asian genetic feature, a huge majority of Asian women are born with very little breasts, which, due to all the international trends and self-acceptance reasons they would like to enlarge. As Asian body type is not the sort that can allow very drastic changes, breast implants of small size are implanted inside the breasts to raise the size of breasts with maximum 2 cups.

Although most Singapore cosmetic surgeries are specialised in Asian breast surgery, all of them are highly qualified for doing top quality breast surgery also on tourists or on such Westerners who live in the city. There are several methods used here for breast enlargement, which include natural methods with the more traditional ones. During natural breast surgery the patients’ fat is transferred from one body part to the other, to enable a natural breast growth while during traditional breast surgery, a silicone implant will be used to lift the breasts and to provide them with a fuller form.

Naturally, all Singapore clinics use different, sometimes even patented methods, for breast surgery. Also, breast reduction is also part of breast surgery and it is nowadays also acquired by a growing number of women and even men, whose breast area has substantially grown due to the extra weight.

Sloane Clinic in Singapore uses both natural method and breast implants in order to provide clients with nicer breasts. Their natural method is called Lipokit, which is today among the most advanced fat transferring methods, during which the harvested fat will be also cleaned thoroughly in order to provide healthy and clear fat to be transferred to the breast area. Their breast implants are also highly developed and done with the help of cohesive gel implants of all size and form.

Privé Clinic in Singapore does breast filling with the help of macrolane, a gel that fills the breasts a little bit like how Botox treatment is used for the body.

John Tan Plastic Surgery Singapore also uses highly advanced methods for breast surgery, doing both enlargement and breast reduction procedures.

Also, check out the surgeries of Dr. Marco, Alaxis and Mt. Elizabeth, while you are in Singapore for breast surgery, Dr. Martin Huang at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic also performs high quality breast enlargement and reduction operations. Keep in mind, that all surgery needs patients to be medically fit and adhere to all the precautions post and pre-operation.

Singapore is a great place to be, when it comes to top-notch breast surgery and we highly advice you to undergo surgery here and save lots of money for you, without the loss of quality services.

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