How & Where To Buy Diamond Rings in Singapore

All jewellery enthusiasts should admit that the most popular precious gemstone in the world is the diamond. Crowned as the hardest material in the world, diamond has special characters of durability, persistence, and beauty. From the time it is invented, the stone has been considered valuable and kept as investment and the symbol of wealth. Diamond mining in all over the world is established to exploit and harvest. Nowadays, diamonds are particularly used to decorate jewellery and accessories. The more beautiful the reflection of a diamond, the higher the value of the diamond is. The 4 C properties are also defining the true value and price of the diamond. Diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings become so demanding commodity in any jewellery stores in the world.

Diamond rings, among so many variations of jeweled rings, are the most popular commodity. The use of the rings jewelled by diamond can be varied. Either it is used as common gift ring, engagement ring, or even wedding ring, rings with diamond always become the first choice. In Singapore, there are so many places in which jewellery stores are competing to provide the best diamond rings. The centre road of shopping, the Orchard Road, may be the first road to visit. The road which is spanned almost 2.2 km belongs to the shopaholics who love to spend their money for high quality, glamorous stuff. The road is full of jewellery stores which sell various kinds of gemstone rings, including those which are jewelled with diamonds. Other than the Orchard Road, the other fun street to visit is the Bugis Street. The street now is the best place for people who are the real bargain-hunters. The street is so flanked with stores that sell everything, including jewellery from low-priced jewellery to the expensive one. To get the other sensation of unique shopping, the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands will give people different experiences of jewellery shopping with breathtaking view of Singapore’s city skyline.

Since Singapore is a strategic market for any businesses, including jewellery industry, there are so many jewellery manufacturers willing to plant the root of their businesses in the city. From local to international-scale brands, Singapore is all about city in which you will not be out of choices to purchase the high-end products jewellery with incredible pricings offered by the sellers. If you are looking for some fine brands of diamond rings, you should try to refer to the Singaporean jewellery brands too. The first brand you should meet is the Richard Hung jewellery. This line of fine jewellery is a great reference to get high quality rings or the other jewellery with classical or contemporary designs. Rings jewelled by diamonds with beautiful draped in either yellow or white gold by the company are just perfect as gifts or personal collections. Meet also the second popular brand of jewellery in Singapore, the Atium jewellery. As a popular fusion jewellery line, the company applies a sophisticated method of jewellery making; involving blending metals with high temperature and pressure fusion technology. The result is never disappointing. Authentic rings with beautiful shades of gold in various designs and variety, combined with those which are jewelled with diamonds, are the perfections of the brand’s dedication toward the art of jewellery making. Rings for wedding with diamond can be found in the showrooms of Art Karat, a fine jewellery line in Singapore which provides original and intricate designs of rings. It features a bridal studio of jewellery which includes separated collection or sets collection of jewellery with diamonds or the other precious stones.

Since there are so many choices available in the market, it is a common sense that people should choose the best products. The reliability of the brands offering the diamond rings is important, so is the quality of the individual diamonds itself. The certificate containing the complete descriptions of the diamond’s 4 C properties can be the resource to define the quality of the diamond. The purity, precision, and the reflections of the diamond are things which should be carefully elected before someone decides to buy a diamond ring. Yet, as long as you are in Singapore, finding the right choice of ring will not be that difficult.

Jewellery comes into different types that people would like to buy, wear or just add to their collection. It also comes in different prices which helps people to determine the quality of jewellery. Some people say that the more expensive the jewellery, the more quality it is. Bracelets, brooches, necklaces, pendants, and rings are some examples of jewellery that come in special designs and styles. They are made from great materials and great gemstones. In this article, you will find out about a diamond ring and how to pick out the best one as a gift for your loved-one.

As I said before that jewellery is made from gemstones in which, for example, are gold, ruby, sapphire, silver and diamond. From those gemstones, jeweller is able to make various kinds of jewellery. So, we can conclude that from a diamond, jeweller can transform it into earrings, necklaces, watches and rings. A diamond ring is the best gift ever for someone at special times such as birthdays, graduations, engagements and marriage.

Diamond rings are special, precious and also classy and if you are going to have them for your future, then you have to read these steps to pick out one wisely and also, to get a cheap. A diamond ring is highly preferred jewellery, so the first thing to do before choosing one is to make sure that you have had a jeweller to help you in gauging your ring size to get the right. The second thing to do is to define a band color, gold or platinum, you want to use. If you are looking for something which is durable yet expensive and classy, then you can have platinum bands. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something which is more traditional, then gold bands are the best one.

To pick out diamond rings, the third thing to do is to select a carat. The quality of a diamond is determined and valued from the carts. If you see that a diamond contains more carats, then the price must be higher, great and expensive. In choosing this jewellery, you have to know about the diamond’s lucidity. A diamond has a clarity scale which is used to measure the amount of mistakes in it. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) mention that there are 11 grades found in a clarity scale.

Determining the diamond’s color is the fifth thing to do if you want to pick out the best diamond rings. GIA mentioned that the color grading scale has size scale of D to Z and range of colors from clear to dark yellow. In choosing this jewellery, thinking about the diamond’s cut is a must. There are there criteria you have to consider in which they are proportion, symmetry and polish. There are various forms or shapes of diamond, namely marquis, princess, opal, round, emerald, heart and radiant. Therefore, the seventh thing to do is to select the one you love and the one that fits perfectly with your hand and finger size.

Diamond rings have been well-known all over the world including Singapore. This jewellery is sold at some stores in different price ranges. The first store selling them is Vivo Diamond which is located at 57 Tanjong Pagar Rd (+65 6836 3789). In this store, you can find jewelries from diamonds for wedding and engagement. Meanwhile, you can also find diamonds jewellery, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. The very good things from this store are it allows you to make your own ring, to learn more about diamonds, metals and certificates. It also allows you to have proposal tips. It is really helpful, is it?

The second store in Singapore is Canary which is located at 402 Orchard Road (+65 63383). This is one of the best stores in Southeast Asia which is good in dealing the fine gemstones. A good thing that you have to know about this store is it has one of the largets collections of Ideal Cut GIA certified Diamonds. In its official website, you are allowed to know things related to diamonds and how to buy them. Other stores in Singapore are Cristophe Jewellery Pte Ltd which is located at 1092 Lower Delta Rd (+65 6270 7036) and Poh Heng Jewellery which is located at 186 Toa Payoh Central (+65 6254 7775).

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