Knightsbridge Singapore

In Singapore, there are tons of shopping malls offering an extreme variety of goods for everyone of every age and taste in fashion. This means, it is not easy to put something new or unique on the table when it is about shopping malls. The shopping malls of Orchard Road are great to visit and you can find here as many goods and stores that will take plenty of your time when it comes to looking around. Yet, each Singapore shopping malls offers something different in way and style, and if you want to experience pure Anglo-saxon luxury, then you should visit the Knightsbridge.

Knightsbridge is a very interesting shopping mall where it is not the quantity but the quality that counts. The shopping mall lies along Orchard Road – the heart of shopping in Singapore. Knightsbridge is not a big shopping mall, with only a handful of stores lying on altogether 2 floors, it’s rather the name of stores which it houses that counts as the mall houses some of the most elegant British and American brands, the stores of which you could barely find elsewhere in Asia. Knightsbridge, although it is not a big shopping mall, has something on offer for the travellers: from fashion apparel to watches, from jewellery to arts, you can find here the best of the best brands.

Let us start with the enlisting of the stores that we can find in Knightsbridge:
Abercombie & Fitch – The only store of the world famous American brand in the Asian continent can be found in Singapore. Abercombie & Fitch is like the Marks & Spencer of the United States offering high quality trendy yet durable fashion apparel for everyone and every age group. Abercombie and Fitch has established a real fandom among Singaporeans too, who often come here to check out the latest US trends in clothing. The store of A&F offers a huge variety of apparel including shoes and underwear section too.

• Brooks Brothers: It is perhaps the most iconic fashion brand in the United States, a fashion house that served the higher class of Americans for quite a long time. At Brooks Brothers, you can have the apparel customised and tailored to you. Brooks Brothers’ fantastic suits for men have long been known as one of the best-tailored suits in the world. You can find a wide range of men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel at Brooks Brothers.

Tommy Hilfiger: The world famous US brand is becoming the new generation iconic brand in the world. Tommy Hilfiger is famous for its styles and its main colours, which include the colours of the US flag. The brand is well known as the typical example of eternal style. If you buy a Tommy Hilfiger, you do not have to afraid of it going out of trend. Tommy Hilfiger has great women’s, men’s, kid’s and baby section and it also offers a high variety of shoes for everyone.

• Topshop: Topshop is a styling brand offers trendy apparel for men and women and has a huge fame both in the UK and in the US.

Other high quality stores include Pierre Corthay Shoes, Patek Philippe watches, the Malmaison: one of the most elegant watch store in Singapore. At Knightsbridge, you can get personal shopper, delivery and concierge services as well.

If you would like to taste the real luxury in Singapore, look no further than the great Knightsbridge, the finest example of pure elegance along Orchard Road. In order to get here, take off at Orchard MRT Station.

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