Metro Singapore

Metro stores are among the highest visited department stores of Singapore. This branch of department stores specialises on such goods that are highly affordable by the largest number of crowd yet still provide high quality goods in a huge variety. Let us take a closer look at Metro department stores, on what to buy there and on where to find them in Singapore.

Metro is also one of the oldest brands of department stores in Singapore, founded as early as 1957 when Singapore was still under British rule. The department stores is also one of the very first companies founded by a Singapore local, namely Ong Tjoe Kim and still prove to be successful for such a long time, thanks to its friendly stores and great range of affordable goods. The name of Metro is said to be inspired by the world famous movie studio, Metro Goldwyn Maier and was named in order to mean in department store, what the huge movie studio means for the US movie making industry. Metro is very proud of its logo that it did not change since the Eighties. Metro department stores are highly popular for their great diversity of goods and that you can get here everything you or your home would need.

The great stores of Metro are favourites for families and for shopping mothers and it is also a haven for all those who want to check out trendy yet affordable fashion apparels for every generation. At each Metro department store, you can get to find a great deal of home ware, furniture, home textiles and other decorations and kitchenware. Metro department stores are widely visited for their huge amount of cosmetic and beauty products that the store sells for quite great prices. You can also get to find books, gadgets, electronics and a great amount of grocery in the supermarket section of Metro department stores.

There are four large Metro department stores located in Singapore, which include: Metro Paragon, Metro Woodlands, Metro Senkang, Metro City Square.

Although there isn’t much difference between the 4 department stores it is true that it’s the Metro Paragon, located inside Paragon Shopping Mall, which is the most luxurious out of all 4 stores. Metro is also popular for its several discounts and special events, such as the whitening fair held these days where visitors can buy several high quality skin whitening products from the best Asian and International cosmetic brands in the world.

Metro department stores also offer a high variety of gift cards and vouchers for their stores in order for visitors to receive even more discounts. Some of the well-known fashion apparel brands sold at Metro department stores include Monsoon, Custo Barcelona, Gerry Weber and many more, including local and Asian brands. You can get to find great variety of lingerie at each Metro store from such well-known brands as Triumph, Passionata, Pierre Cardin, Wonderbra or DKNY. If you would like to buy some great accessories or jewellery, browse from the goods of Chomel and Accessorize. Metro department stores have a great deal of kids and baby toys and apparel as well.

If you live, or spend a longer time in Singapore or if you are simply in dire need of a practical good, do not hesitate to visit one of the Metro stores where you are guaranteed to get great deals.

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