Must Visit Lingerie Stores of Singapore

Singapore is world famous for its excessive number of shopping malls and that you can find every brand over here when it comes to any sort of apparels, shoes, electronics, jewellery or watches. Therefore, the city has definitely become one of the shopping capitals of the world and millions of tourists come here every year, not only to experience the great Singapore attractions but also the close to endless shopping possibilities. Let us see where to go if you want to buy lingerie in the biggest variety.

Singapore has several great shopping areas, such as Orchard Road, the Raffles Square area or the brand new Marina area. These great shopping districts of this great city are literally stuffed with shopping malls. Along Orchard Road, you can get to find as many as at least 20 different shopping malls with each one having different approach to shopping and have different specialties in terms of shopping. There are high quality shopping malls, luxury shopping malls, general shopping malls and the youth shopping malls. Specialisation can be a great thing because this way everyone learns quickly where to look around first, when looking for something yet it is important to remember that most Singapore malls have just everything you are looking for, let it be apparels or {lingerie}, jewellery or watches. If you are looking for lingerie, there are probably at least a hundred stores to go to, yet luckily, you do not need to spend much time when you want to see the great variety of lingerie at one place.

The current top shopping mall when it comes to finding the best lingerie for you is definitely Paragon Shopping Mall. Paragon Shopping Mall is located along Orchard Road and it is one of the best and more diverse shopping malls to visit. Paragon has the great advantage to house several stores and even department stores that offer a great variety of lingerie themselves. Let us start with one of the must-visit stores when it comes to lingerie:

Marks & Spencer: If you look for fantastic quality lingerie in all different varieties, in all different sizes, you will not find many stores better than Marks & Spencer. The great UK brand has a large department dedicated to lingerie, nightwear such as pyjamas and other sets. At Marks & Spencer, you can clearly see the size and the style of the lingerie you are looking for, let them be bras or knickers and the great thing about the store is, that it really sells lingerie for every size and every age group. Marks & Spencer has other stores in Singapore, yet at Paragon, you have the greatest variety of other lingerie sellers to visit.

Paragon also houses a great Metro Department store that is highly popular for its large variety of lingerie. You can find brands here such as Wonderbra, Chantelle, Scala, Pierre Cardin and Passionata. The other great department store Paragon houses is a Japanese store called Muji that houses its great quality lingerie and apparel department and sells home ware and accessories.

Overall, Paragon is one of the best shopping centres to visit, when it comes to exploring the diversity of all the lingerie labels Singapore houses. Other great shopping malls and department stores we suggest you to check out include Isetan department stores, Takashiyama inside Ngee Ann and Raffles City Shopping Mall.

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