Must Visit Museums in South Africa

If you are a history lover and hold interest in knowing about historical things, South Africa is the right place. South Africa is rich in culture and traditions and the diverse history is being showcased through varied museums for tourists. One can spend hours in these museums and get to know about the different outlooks of historical Africa. Have a look at the museums of South Africa.

You will be amazed to know that the South African Museum has a collection of one and a half million scientific specimens. This museum came into existence in 1825 and it was moved to the historic Company’s garden in the year 1897. Since then, people have admired it a lot because of its exclusive doors and windows with special carvings. Scientists have been working on the specimens and adding changes from over 200 years. The collection of 700 million old fossils is just fascinating. The tools, stone equipments and clothes used by old age people about 1,20,000 years ago are also present here.

The Robben Island Museum has artefacts from the 17th to 20th centuries. It has now become a World Heritage site to visit and get amazed with its collection. One can easily understand the price paid for this new Africa after the war of freedom.

The National Museum is a collection of art and cultures of South Africa. It displays the historic street scene of the traditional Africa and makes us know about the condition of the world in the ancient times. The Mammalogy Hall of the museum gives a brief about the giant wild beasts that survived in the past and became extinct due to colonization and development. The palaeontology hall depicts the initiation of life on Earth and how it took a leap and the existence of human life on Earth.

The Anglo-Boer War Museum takes us to the time of war when Africa was at stake of the British. It is an amazing collection of art will make you understand everything very easily. Here you can easily find the documentary evidences that will communicate the entire era of war. A number of experts and trained staff have contributed to the making of this museum and try their best to portray exactly the same things happened at the time of war.

The National Cultural History Museum is rich in the historical culture and diversity of South Africa. You can come to know about the San people through the engravings and rock painting here. The rich artefacts that portray the iron age of the ancient times is here and one can sit here and read about it in detail.

The Ditsong National Museum of Military History is one of the remarkable museums of South Africa. This museum was opened in 1947 with the main mission to give tribute to the military people who died in the war of freedom. It showcases the First World War and tells about the execution of the war from its start to its end.

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