Nose Job in Singapore

Nose job is enlisted among the top wanted plastic surgery treatments all around the world and this is not to different in Singapore either. Let us represent you to the types of nose jobs along with the best quality Singapore clinics where you can get it done.

Cosmetic surgery is an upcoming type of reconstructive surgery that places importance on rather the enhancing of current features but also takes part in constructive surgery that changes features slightly or more. Having plastic surgery treatment is becoming more and more natural and a real trend among young girls living in Asia, especially in Korea and Singapore. One of the most liked and wanted cosmetic surgery treatments include nose job. No other surgery can make such a change than changing the shape or size of a nose and it’s been life changing for several women, who weren’t born with attractive nose. Of course, the number of those, who only want slight change in their shape or form of nose is much higher. In Asia, a high percentage of women want a higher bridge and a thinner tip of the nose for themselves.

Let us see which are the sorts of nose jobs which are most liked and where in Singapore can you get those treatments to be done in the best quality. Let us see the subtypes of nose jobs in Singapore.

1. Asian nose job
Asian nose job is no different from nose job with the exception of it being specialised in finding the right nose and right measures for Asian faces. The Asian race characteristics are widely different from Caucasian ones, which means most women have problem with their nose being too flat, at times wide and too little. Asians do want a more enhanced nose, thinner top of nose and a thinner tip at times. Asian nose job specialists are the best in making noses different, yet perfectly suitable for an Asian-type face.

2. Augmentation
This is a form of enlargement nose job, which takes a pinch from one ear, to put an enhanced tip on the top of a higher-set, higher-bridge nose. This will make the face more classy looking according to lots of Asian women. This is a total surgery, which needs surgical equipment and environment with anaesthetics. Healing time can take up to a couple of weeks until face starts get back to its normal shape and colour.

3. Refinement
This surgery is commonly used to make Asian style nose less wide as many Asian women suffer from their nose being visibly wide and flat. During the process a small part will be cut off from each side of the nose and it will be secured closer to the mid face section. Tip enhancing is also a refinement surgery.

Singapore clinics
Sloane Clinic, Raffles Medical Group, The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Alaxis are all well respected and located in the downtown of Singapore. It has been said ITEM, Korea’s biggest and most popular cosmetic surgery clinic is soon to open its office in Singapore as well.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments ever obtained especially by women. Rhinoplasty, which is commonly referred to as a “nose job” is an easy invasive treatment that requires complete surgical knowledge and an anaesthetic as well. Let’s see what is worth knowing about rhinoplasty and the leading clinics in Singapore.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that has several types. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of women who are not completely content with the size or the form of their noses or at least one part of their noses. Rhinoplasty has therefore many different types, some aiming to change only one feature of the nose, with the changing of the form of tip or the height of the bridge while others aim a complete reconstruction. The typical rhinoplasty is either aiming the changing of tip form while in the same time, most women also would like an enhanced bridge which makes their nose slightly more characteristic, especially in profile. All these changes are tiny and are specifically made in such way, so that they are hardly ever noticeable at all, with the exception of its wearer.

Rhinoplasty is a proper surgery though which needs medically suitable patients, with a proper preparing time with all the precautions taken before the surgery. Rhinoplasty is mainly done by anaesthetics in order to ease the patients’ state, as the surgery can take hours to do correctly. Rhinoplasty has quite a long recuperation time that requires patients to take medications and to be able to go to regular check-ups especially during the first 2 weeks.

Although there has been a heavy specialisation in Asian features, several clinics are happy to deal with customers coming from all across the world. Once you are in Singapore, you should check out the great offers of local plastic surgeries.

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