Palais Renaissance Singapore

Singapore is probably the best shopping destination in the world. The huge capital city of the small country is a real centre of Southeast Asian trading and it is probably the richest city in shopping malls and various shopping destinations. After checking out the best attractions of the city, you should take a break in an intimate, elegant shopping mall, which is true to its name: the Palais Renaissance.

The Palais Renaissance is one of the newest shopping malls of Singapore, located right in the middle of the premium shopping area of the downtown. This elegant shopping mall, although not the biggest of the city, is a great sophisticated place mainly designed for those who know exactly what they are looking for. You can see elegant brands in Palais Renaissance, but these will not sound familiar to you, as they are all local brands, which give you a fantastic chance to get closer to know the fashion design life of Singapore. The Palais Renaissance has around 30 stores, which makes the mall quite easy to walk through and there is something for everyone. You can find great women’s and men’s apparel stores here, food and beverage establishments, in form of restaurants and cafeterias. You can find furniture and interior design home ware stores and many lifestyle stores within Palais Renaissance. The shopping mall is exactly the place where you can go to have a real relaxing time, alongside yoga classes, wellness or even an aesthetic surgery treatment!

Despite the fact that Palais Renaissance does not have a high number of stores, you can find these on a 30,000 square feet area, which makes the place spacey with plenty of room. Among the designer stores here, there are many which have real trendsetting role in the fashion life of Singapore. The shopping mall is also a great place for art lovers: the Steinway Gallery and Loewe Art Gallery has non-stop exhibitions of different art pieces in different styles. The great interior design salon Hermés Puiforcat Saint-Louis is one of the most exclusive stores of the shopping mall and in fact the only one in Singapore. The store of Haüs Furnishing and Interiors is the regular meeting point for the elite class who loves to buy furniture and accessories from this store.

If you want to taste the best quality chocolate in Singapore, you should not miss visiting the store of Teuscher Chocolate of Switzerland, one of the best chocolate brands in the world. Other great places include the Artisan Cellars and the Antoinette Restaurant.

If you arrive to the plaza targeting not only to shop but also to relax and to become more beautiful, visit Privé which is one of the most promoted wellness and aesthetic centres of Singapore with lots of promotions. Here you can have Botox, lip-filling, several sorts of hair treatments, laser hair-removal treatments and cosmetic treatments in the sophisticated ambiance of the clinic. Other notable wellness places include the Casey Hair and Beauty Clinic, the Medical Aesthetics Spa and the Phoenix LA Beauté.

Visit Palais Renaissance along Orchard Road with getting off at Orchard MRT Station. The shopping mall will provide you a great guide regarding the best trends of the city and guarantee a great shopping experience.

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